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Dont you wish you could synergy like Dutchy and myself?!/Couttsentration

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Liam -
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Also, Savix and Dutchy who dont have channels.
"@SoDamnTrue: GOALS 😂"
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From Labour Party: list of signatories to Telegraph letter who have also donated money to the Conservatives #wato
Ed Miliband on Absolute Radio: Full Interview
Bernard vs Balls ...

Stupid @DavidPBMaddox and doofus @magnusgardham Both unable to understand that the Comres poll was ONLY across Labour held seats . #DohDoh


So Gordon Brown volunteers to lie for free. Labour loves a lie : Labour loves a liar Especially a free one.


@Reislaufer 2)- But also the fact that Labour's central claims about zero hours are false which can be demonstrated with the facts


@SturgeonSexy @Susiebags Makes you wonder what the Scottish Labour MPs have been doing for decades if they don't affect opinion

Haddington, East Lothian

@ScotlandTonight YES cuts are too severe, ask Labour - IF ED IS IN A MINORITY, BUT THE LARGEST PARTY - WILL HE REFUSE TO BE PM........


@Tartanfox00 @ScotlandTonight Why, Labour signed them to the PFI, they got themselves into debt, why should we pay it....they cut back.


Gavin Esler report on #bbcnews finds one person who "wouldn't trust" Alex Salmond and one voting Labour. All the rest undecided. Funny that.


RT @greghemphill69: The problem with Tory and Labour is the constant threatening: "If you do this, you will get that." Where's the inspiration?

ÜT: 55.9464529,-3.2056268

ANOTHER leaflet through the door from Labour that's EIGHT. It's not gonna change a thing & how much is it costing them (& the rain forest)?

Peoples Republic of Scotland

@scottishlabour @edballsmp @JimForScotland BYE BYE BLUE LABOUR...RIP



PLEASE RT Other brands that no longer want our pleb-money: @valeriecafe, @TalkTalk_UK, @CostaCoffee, @Primark AND


Another great day leafleting out in Kirkliston! Day 2 of my campaign diary - #VoteSNP #GE15


Hello. I was interviewed about Tidal Yesterday.




Hello. I was interviewed about Tidal Yesterday.