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wtf does christie write about in her diary
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My fish are like best pals already, they swim about in a wee pack of 3 all the time

Falkirk, Scotland

It's already been a month since dylan died ? miss my wee pup


Class with oor wee K'MO was siiiiick. She got some serious moves... NRG FOREVER ??? #NRGPerformers…

Falkirk, Scotland

Here we go again. Almost 300 people at #airthcastle tonight, dancing right to the wee hours. Bring it…

Falkirk, Scotland

Can't wait to see my wee gran? missed her


Why will my wee brother not sleep! So bloody annoying


Love this picture can't believe this wee boy has turned into a little man! Makes me feel old ???


Some wee dick had the cheek to ask me for my seat on the train...Pfft....

Falkirk, Scotland

@marcgallagher67 Haha wee chicken Kiev here. Least it's no stovies.


A nice wee video about how libraries change lives:

Falkirk, Scotland




Vine by Robert_Grieve - Only in Glasgow