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Gordon Brown's Better Together speech the day before the Scottish referendum
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scottish Independence
Why Cameron's Scared Of Scottish Divorce: Russell Brand The Trews (E147)
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RT @lucytobin: Crazy.. Scotland newspaper editor gets up to £20,000 bonus if the Nos win #indyref
Nazi salutes alongside Union Jacks, "No" posters ... and Labour Party placards. Just #VoteYes in the #indyref
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Decision day has come at last ....we can do this #Yes

Falkirk, Scotland

RT @martin_compston: Tomorrow is the greatest day in our generation, for the first time our destiny is in our own hands, lets the keep that way #YES

Falkirk, Scotland.

RT @MathesonMichael: Kelpies for #Yes

Falkirk, Scotland.

RT @ChilliPalmerYes: @citizentommy your speeches are the stuff of legends Tommy. Well done on your tour and well done tonight at George Square #HopeOverFear #Yes

Falkirk, Scotland.

RT @BGBBQJVS: VOTE #YES #YesScotland From a French coward ♥


RT @notarealswan: Stabbed in the face for wearing a #yes badge. What have @jimmurphymp and @TogetherDarling got to say about this?


RT @BjCruickshank: When Nazis demonstrate on the street of my native city against Scottish self determination. I know #YES has won:


RT @_aimeemcivor: Shitebag if you dini vote yes tomorrow #yes #indyref

RT @CamiCampbell1: @kevinbridges86 for you Kev.I.N




Outstanding picture of Edinburgh castle!! #Voteno #bettertogether


And heres Stirling castle tonight #VoteNoScotland
Stirling Castle #No
Outstanding picture of Edinburgh castle!! #Voteno #bettertogether








RT @1974Hamilton: More #No lies !!! This photo is from an Islamic website ! And on google images. #indyref #Yes
Stirling Castle #No