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Andrew Labib's post on Vine - Absolute class...Erik Lamela WOW!! #THFC #COYS - Andrew Labib's post on Vine
GwladysStreet2's post on Vine - GwladysStreet2's post on Vine - GwladysStreet2's post on Vine
Michael Fraser's post on Vine - Who needs Lamela when you've got Tony Hibbert? #Everton #showboating - Michael Fraser's post on Vine
NevsFootyNaps's post on Vine - Lamela goal! 2-0 Spurs! and wow, just WOW! - NevsFootyNaps's post on Vine
Transfer News's post on Vine - Lamela with an absolute GOLAZOO - Transfer News's post on Vine
MrDanielPrior's post on Vine - #Lamela - wonderful finish! - MrDanielPrior's post on Vine
TalkBalls's post on Vine - Erik Lamela just did this... - TalkBalls's post on Vine
AnthD's post on Vine - Even at weddings .. The viper strikes! #rkooutofnowhere #randyorton #rkovines #wwe #worldstarhiphop - AnthD's post on Vine
Slow Sports Vines's post on Vine - Slow Sports Vines's post on Vine - Slow Sports Vines's post on Vine
Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Addicted to Spurs's post on Vine - GOALLLL ERIK LAMELA! Incredible! #THFCVine - Addicted to Spurs's post on Vine
NathanBeal1878's post on Vine - How the fuck did Kane let this in!? #Kane #Spurs #Tottenham - NathanBeal1878's post on Vine
@goleada_info's post on Vine - Danilo, do Sport, ficou na boa para finalizar. Aí quis mandar uma trivela bonita e fez isso... - @goleada_info's post on Vine
CrackaBurnz's post on Vine - 1...2...or 3 #randyorton #Spears #rkooutofnowhere #wwenetwork #FearTheSpear #ukvinersgroup #RandyOrtonVines - CrackaBurnz's post on Vine
'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand - Newsnight
One Direction - Steal My Girl
"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor
@EPLStatman's post on Vine - @EPLStatman's post on Vine - @EPLStatman's post on Vine
⚽️Sisaacs21⚽️'s post on Vine - Amazing Rabona goal by Erik Lamela!!!⚽️ #soccer #futbol #football #golazo #rabona #spurs #lamela #soccervines #socceraddicts - ⚽️Sisaacs21⚽️'s post on Vine
Behnam's post on Vine - Rosicky absolutely brilliant #tomas #Rosicky - Behnam's post on Vine
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Here is what @AlexSalmond thinks about the promises made about Scottish devolution #bbcqt
Look mum, Im famous.
The BBCs viral marketing scheme has GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME!!! #doctorwho
The face of regret.
RT @philippawarr: The Queen matched her First Tweet outfit to the colour of the twitterbird. NEEEERD #queenwatch
Is she a good teacher?
Yes she is?
Then yes, I would.
Debate over:
At my high school reunion
This tweet should not be ignored:
"@Calum5SOS: just been to the beach with this fella" Calum is so fckin cute hays
Christmas in New York plz
Beach footy and funny hair
"hows your semester going?"
Incredibly useful card
Kicked off my UK tour tonight in GLASGOW!! Speechless. What a show xx thank you Scotland xx
Wellies series 3.
As an American, I formally apologize to the U.K. for your national icon ending up as "4chan Man."
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#AskNigelFarage favourite RuPaul gif?

Glasgow, Scotland

Which member of Milli Vanilli is your favourite? #AskNigelFarage


Any change of a shoutout/RT pal?! #AskNigelFarage


#AskNigelFarage Do you know that its technologically possible to take a photograph of someone without them holding a pint of bitter?


#AskNigelFarage What's your policy on actually having any policies? Oh you don't have a policy on that. There's a surprise


RT @B1ffa: Is it coincidence that your initials are NF? #AskNigelFarage


#AskNigelFarage When will you acquire a time machine to take you back to your own time (1950s)?


RT @FrostySCFC: #AskNigelFarage I'm friends with a homosexual man who sought asylum from an African country. How angry are you right now?

Glasgow, Scotland

RT @Leesax10: As a women can I actually #AskNigelFarage anything or should I get back in the kitchen?!!

Glasgow, Scotland

How do I get to bongo-bongo land? Is it the same as going to never-never land? #AskNigelFarage



SOLIDARITY PARTY CONFERENCE TOMORROW- reg 11am, 12-4pm Carnegie Lec Theatre, Ggow Cali Uni. @citizentommy #solidarity


RT @derekrootboy: Alex Salmond is not ruling out standing as an MP. Mulling it over. Who wants to join me to tell him he should? #the45


#RIPScottishLabour @billyjYES @SaltireBlack @NursieDear25 @YouYesYetx Red Tories lying for Blue Tories
This weeks Facebook likes: @theSNP up 2,258; @scotgp up 995; @The_SSP_ up 101; Scot Lab up 12; Scottish Tories up 25:
RT @IanIwrussell: Another One Of These Traitors Who Sold Her Soul To The Tories In #indyref Betrayed The Poor & Disabled #YesAlliance