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Headline should surely read, "LYING MAIL ON SUNDAY REPORTER STEALS FOOD FROM POOR"  @minifig @Markgatiss
Twitter / TechnicallyRon: I think Judass biggest crime ...
The Mail on Sunday, circa 28 AD.
Headline: “No questions asked”. Copy “asked our reporter a series of questions”.
QUALITY: One Liverpool fan got a little too excited at Carrow Road today.
Happy Easter/Ishtar as unionist press gets anxious ;-) and sun shines
Happy Easter! #ImUpAllNight2GetLucky
RT @willbrooker: Who do we think Jesus would like more, this Easter Sunday?

Katherine... or Ross Slater
Happy easter everyone 

If your not doing this for breakfast your doing it wrong
How vile can the Daily Mail get? Reporter literally begs for help with fake story, & is treated to kindness .
essa vida de 5sos família não ta nada fácil
RT @eatatjoe2: Daily Mail will launch in Australia soon. See an example of what they offered UK readers over Easter. #vomitbucket
Disfraz de muerte: 100 euros
Entrada a pie de campo: 300
Trollear así al cuestionado David Moyes no tiene precio.

In September Scotland has a choice. Hope over fear.
Hope for our family and our grandchildren.Yes
Can anybody help with this heartbreaking story spotted near The Riverside on Mowbray Street? Please share. #Sheffield
RT @willhamill: Daily Mail journalist combines printing utter lies with stealing food from the poor. A new but unsurprising low.
RT @LFC_Arabic: صورة: توجه رحيم ستيرلنغ للمدرب رودجرز لمعانقته بعد تسجيله الهدف الآول في المباراة. #ليفربول #نحن_ليفربول
1 year ago today, Luis Suarez did this...
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Astonishing levels of ignorance about Scottish #indyref from the people on Gogglebox. @Channel4 please up the level of coverage on this

Glasgow, Scotland

RT @mark_paton: Better Together say your UK pension is safe if you live in Spain or France but not in an independent Scotland. Absurd! #indyref #VoteYes

Glasgow, Scotland

RT @rdmcl83: Red32 disappeared from #indyref betting, but only for a yes vote. They now offer better odds for No than Yes. First to back Yes.


The new #BetterTogether posters did not disappoint, packed as they are with wild statements that have already been proven false. #indyref

Glasgow, United Kingdom

RT @YoorWullie: Kennedy Odhiambo one of my @Kits4KenyaUK contacts sent me this today. #GoForItScotland #indyref


RT @macteeth: UKIP Govt. The future if we vote NO. #indyref #yesscot


RT @Alexx_McArthur: Saw #ProjectFear being referred to as Project Pish today. Made me chuckle. #indyref #scottishbanter #voteyes


RT @IndependentScot: I thought bankers and politicians caused the crisis, not the working class. Yet the rich get tax cuts, poor get ATOS & Bedroom Tax #indyref

Glasgow, Scotland

RT @benrileysmith: Yes campaign's new one-word #indyref poster - "Can".

Glasgow, Scotland

RT @WingsScotland: A little something for undecided voters to think about this morning: (HT @EH_AYE_) #indyref

Glasgow, Scotland


EASTER BUNNY CAUGHT ON TAPE! - JoeySaladss post on Vine
YouTube - Easter Bunny Kitty
RT @Sugarcubeclub: Not long to go until our Easter Sunday kicks off! Come down and meet the Easter bunny for some treats!
RT @ChadValleyPlay: Happy Easter ! RT + Follow for a chance to #win 1 of 4 #Easter bunnies for your little one! #ChadValleyBunny
RT @Jessewelle: Cat in a bunny suit. #HappyEaster please RT for jelly beans.






RT @Channel4: New TV crime drama #Fargo, with Martin Freeman, starts at 9pm.














Everton hadnt done the double over Man United in 44 years until today. Another record broken by David Moyes!!!