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RT @LilyBaileyUK: Our current Equality Minister voted against gay marriage. In contrast, here's Ireland's one showing how it's done

Long Eaton

RT @digitalspy: Dublin North West says YES by a massive 70.4% for Ireland's gay marriage referendum


RT @WeeMissBea: Wait! Ireland out of the EUROVISION!? Oh Lord, one one hand, you giveth, but on the other you taketh away. #MarRef

Long Eaton

Cracking news to wake up to, good on ya Ireland! ?

The horizon is my home

Ireland: Today, prove you're not stuck in the dark ages by voting for gay marriage. You can do it



A huge fire engulfs the Main Stand at the City Ground in 1968 during a home game v Leeds.Amazingly no lives were lost
on route leeds ????




Right in the feels ❤️




Yes vote, Eurovision is on, Actual rainbow over Cork, This is now officially the gayest day in Irish history
Theres a big gay rainbow over Dublin, if thats not Jesus giving the Yes vote I dont know what is