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And all of my friends are away at home and I'm like the only person who exists in Guildford anymore.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

In Guildford with @NotADullMoment at 3 pigeons


@louisecobb93 in Guildford*


@louisecobb93 ? wikiwikiwowwow when r u next I'm Guildford?


Man arrested for drink driving at Guildford stn having been seen getting into his car by an observant member of public. Plan your journey.

Guildford, Surrey

@marksandspencer Dreadful service at your guildford store. One person giving out bags after checking receipts. Slow and rude!

Epsom, Surrey

Why are there 18 Costa coffee shops in Guildford?! #Costa #Costatakeover





@SU2C sorry I cant be with you tonight but heres my Mexican wave. Keep up the work! #SU2C