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So my siblings decide to do street fight in the house 😪
Meanwhile UK police be like
A man brang his laptop to record carnival uno #NottingHillCarnival #carnival2016
Wtf is this? The world is defo ending soon #NottingHillCarnival
#NottingHillCarnival honestly think this man is a yardie at heart
This is the waviest cover I've listened to in a while🔥💫
Thankful to God that we've reached the first year of our relationship 🙏🏾 here's to many more 👑😘❤️ @Chxnte__
#NottingHillCarnival train antics
#NottingHillCarnival even the police have to get a likkle whine
Who ever idea it was to have Stevie Wonder shoot a free throw should be arrested
Not French football related, but still absolutely beautiful.
When you get to tell the world how you feel about Bae #drake #vmas
Yeahhhh #TropicalIsles done their tinnngggggg #NottingHillCarnival
Got my young bro learning from early #NottingHillCarnival
take care 2 dropping tonight
Chance and Jaden admiring each other's style. So cute. #VMAs
This guy needs to get man of the match for carni today 😂😂😂 #NottingHillCarnival
LOOOOOOOOOL nah this vid is still jokes
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Stealing endorsements is not how you become the president of the United States, homie. Leave my name out ya mouth...
📝 @OfficialBigSam names his first #ThreeLions squad, with a debut call-up for @WestHamUtd winger @Michailantonio.
A nice little bit of Tamil colour in Walthamstow today. #e17
Someone tell me again how @MeekMill is taking an L ??
I forgot 🔥
Your typical #NottingHillCarnival scene 
With the mandem lemme chat to you" 😂
These girls have to protest their rights to wear their NATURAL HAIR at school. 😡😡 

Yo this tweet opened my third eye
🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷
Type of guy that brings a knife to a minor beef, kills some1 and gets everyone a life sentence for joint enterprise
Claiming Sideman of the year award after dropping a bird home in Essex to what turned out to be her BFs house 😭 🏆
Great Phowenbank for @owensmith2016 in Aldgate with @RupaHuq and @ChiOnwurah, lets keep Gowen for Owen!
Mesut Ozil vs Paul Pogba, comparison of first two games vs media narrative and reaction. Truly staggering bias.
SIGNING: Orient complete Mezague deal - #LOFC
Our market gardens are open for volunteers today - help us grow Hackney Salad!
"Imma tell you what you not bout to do and thats embarrass me in front of these white people. Now, smile"
Four years playing for @SpursOfficial now. I hope for many more. #COYS 💙
Its rocking @arcolatheatre tonight with @Wondermare @meepimaud @Wondermarish @danielfyork  7pm!!
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So @fundmcuk with @thenextmen is basically like Carnival. With less crowds better music and more space.


RT @gyalliketuni: Good morning,I hope everyone has a blessed day except boys with girlfriends going to carnival🙏❤

Hackney, London

@TfL the tap out situation at Kensal Rise is RIDICULOUS!!! Get organized or give free transport on carnival.

London E8

RT @WhyBLEACH: When your friend goes missing at Carnival then you see them across the road..

Londres , Hackney

RT @LowkeyMo_: This fed came to enjoy himself at carnival

Hackney, London

Everybody is feeling themselves before carnival

ÜT: 51.506035,-0.087862

RT @leah_mcdonald: When a photo of your mum at carnival when she was your age pops up on your timeline 😱😂😂😂


RT @SelinaNBrown: Notting Hill Carnival 1990's


RT @SelinaNBrown: Notting Hill Carnival - 1990's


Was the notting hill carnival ever anything but a cesspool of trouble? Or am I just too old for this shit

Hackney, London