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YouTube - SellSword Entertainment group Education packages.

Cutting my nail and finger open on a grater has the be the pain ever ????????#hurtslikeabitch


Please support friends/family who have lost parents/loved ones, they just need you to listen and be there! #Lilees


Enjoy Guy Fawkes Fireworks on the Thames #JPGCharters #JPGEvents


Short girls are the best girls.

Huddersfield, England

Today stats: One follower, 2 unfollowers and followed one person via


RT @tweets4allah: يآرب إرزقني قدرٌ جميل و عطاءُ صالح و خيرةٌ يتبعها الرضا..


RT @Tattwir_althat: الناس الذين يعرفون القليل يتحدثون كثيراً، أما الذين يعرفون الكثير فلا يتحدثون إلا قليلا.


Riding to work at this time. Too early. #sleepyharry

London - Huddersfield

Been trying to book an Airbnb all week, never had this much trouble getting a place before.

NYC / Huddersfield UK

Temp:13.6c hum:82% wind:3.3mph dir:W Pres:1021.4 hPa Falling rain:0.3 uv:0 sol:3 light:406.8 forcast:Showery, becoming less settled