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RT @NicolaSturgeon: No, it really must not!

Inverness, Scotland

RT @GuyVerhofstadt: Meeting Scottish First Minister @NicolaSturgeon in my office in Brussels to discuss #EUref #Brexit

Inverness Scotland

RT @BBCDouglasF: Can @nicolasturgeon do a 'reverse Greenland' with twist? And could Brexit be postponed indefinitely? icymi Blogged:

Inverness, Scotland

RT @thoughtland: Holy moly. @NicolaSturgeon's press officer: you get the last shortbread finger. Cover of the @FT!

Inverness, Scotland

RT @MargSchinas: .@JunckerEU now: "I'll listen to @NicolaSturgeon. #Scotland won their right to be heard in #Brussels".

Inverness, Scotland

@NicolaSturgeon deluded. Stop humiliating the people of Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

RT @NicolaSturgeon: As I wrap up a long day of positive meetings in Brussels, it's good to see support at home for our place in Europe.

Inverness, Scotland

@backer_jason @ghostly606 @kellyrotton @gavreilly @NicolaSturgeon And when Scots vote 4 independence in indyref2 that won't be democratic?

Inverness Scotland

RT @alexaitch: Whilst @NicolaSturgeon is in Brussels defending our place in Europe, 1000s are stood @ScotParl doing the same

Inverness Scotland

Thank you @NicolaSturgeon Yessss #ScotlandinEurope #scotlandstays #Indyref2

Scotland, Inverness