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Isn't it high time we got politicians who actually work for Scotland and not Westminster party policies? #VoteYES

Inverness, Scotland

RT @tourscotland: As requested, Tour Scotland photograph of sunset hour on ancestry visit to Highland Perthshire

Inverness, Scotland, UK

Over the centuries Scotland has been a world leader in many ways. This time we show the world how to have a peaceful, peoples revolution.

Inverness SCOTLAND

RT @DaftLimmy: Scotland now closer than ever to being run by the people of Scotland. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? SCOTLAND BEING RUN BY THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE.

Inverness, Scotland

I love being governed by a Tory Government that Scotland didn't elect... again... so I'm saying #NOThanks #indyref

Inverness, Scotland

RT @KevinMcKenna63: Biggest threat to Catholicism and Christianity in Scotland is militant atheism and humanism

Inverness, Scotland

RT @KevinMcKenna63: Scotland is not, I repeat not, an anti-Catholic country. Anyone who suggests that we will become so if we become independent is wicked

Inverness, Scotland

RT @PeterNimmo1: #indyref 'Respectful Dialogue' hosted by @churchscotland Wednesday across Scotland, including #Inverness

Inverness, Highland, Scotland.

RT @thetimes: Tomorrow's front page: Scotland poll puts Union on knife edge #indyref

Dollar/Inverness, Scotland

Home sweet home but no rest for the wicked - I'm raising £s for the Archie Foundation (supports sick kids in north of Scotland)...