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@SeanBattySTV Any more forecast for Inverness?

Dollar/Inverness, Scotland

Everything is closing down in inverness, were actually not going to have anything left ?

Inverness, Scotland.

RT @tweetlesleyg: Well listen up y'all. Inverness queen of country Helen MacPherson popping up in Radio 2 country line up

Inverness, Scotland

@NandosUK Does Inverness stock your crisps? Failing another rejected planning application for a restaursnt here. Crisps it is 4 now! :(

Inverness, UK

Government investment for Inverness, according to Nick Clegg.

Inverness, Scotland

@embogary Better start to leave now then, Inverness is a blizzard right now

Inverness, Scotland

@SpursOfficial 1) 3-1 spurs 2) eriksen 3) Inverness #COYS

Inverness, scotland

@BarsAndMelody I live in Inverness can't wait to see you!!! ❤️??

Inverness, Scotland

@NandosUK were losin players 2 @AberdeenFC from @ICTFC no nandos in inverness @jonnyhayes7 @Shinzzaa @TheSunNewspaper


Entertained by the desperate attempts by the LibDems to claim credit for @drewhendrySNP's work to win a City Deal for Inverness.

Inverness, Scotland