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Announcing the £12K+ raised by HC&PD on Friday night @kingsmillshotel Tiny bit of paper for such a huge sum!
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RT @IrvineWelsh: If polls are to be believed, Scotland & England now have party political systems as different from each other as those of France & Spain.

Inverness, Scotland

RT @JonnyB_at_RMP: The real Q for community pharmacists in Scotland is will EllaOne replace Levonelle in our national public health PGD?

Inverness, Scotland

RT @FionaGrahame: @AyeOrkney @hsigreens some interesting stuff here Scotland's Community Heritage Conference 2014: via @YouTube

Inverness, Highland, Scotland.

RT @example: Day off in Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

Derek Bateman - A surreal Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

Is Shetland just too far north to be part of that “new Scotland”? #TheNational

Inverness, Scotland

RT @STVNews: Scotland faces 'real and current' terrorist threat, police say



Arsenal shots on target: 8. Arsenal goals: 0. Man United shots on target: 1. Man United goals: 2.




#tbt wi this minging goat dog