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I will try and control myself
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RT @sanny1690: Wee cig afore bed

Need my wee dog to come cuddo but I've been patched??

Kilmarnock, Scotland

In such a wee crabbit mood, bed time for me?

Kilmarnock, Scotland

Mum thinks I'm being a wee arsehole because I've been out a lot ? sorry that am actually no tied down and want to be out wae my pals now ??


So cold, going to curl up in bed with a wee cuppa tea?


PSG you sexy wee frenchies.

Kilmarnock , Scotland

The fact cillian Sheridan is playing in the champions league and Manchester United isn't is a wee bit embarrassing

kilmarnock, scotland

RT @gr00vybaby_: I'm just a paranoid wee wreck

Kilmarnock, Scotland

give us a wee double cavani plz



RT @labourout2015: Does the Southside of Glasgow, where the majority voted Yes last month, agree with Tom Harris MP? #LabourOutScot