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iPhone 6 & 6 Plus - DOUBLE Unboxing
Jamie Kemp's post on Vine - Well that's a first. Referee just found an iPhone on the pitch. - Jamie Kemp's post on Vine
First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it during TV interview
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Final result of Scotlands Independence referendum #indyref

NO 2,001,926 (55%)
YES 1,617,989 (45%)
Turnout 84.59%
Clear yes vote in the no section
In Tinchys studio laying down some cool stuff. Fun day.
"update my status: STILL QUEEN OF SCOTLAND" #indyref
@BrianSpalliero @GumGumPistol @jagdesh @downeytrev Check out last pic. Sterling a bit freaked but remaining calm.
أقوى عروض بيع المتابعين تويتر الأجانب 
جودة عالية مع الضمان 
تنفيذ سريع 
للطلب اتصل او واتس
Queue at the Apple Store...😅😅😅😱😱😱#applestore #iPhone6 #omfg
Uefa announce Wembley will host the Euro 2020 semi-finals & final. More soon.
In his book ‘Simply English’, Simon Heffer recommends cutting redundant words. Well, he’s convinced me.
The first guy to own an iPhone 6 dropped it on national television trying to take it out the box.
Ashton in his leisure robe
IOS 8 is a setup 😂😂😂
The journey from its complicated to finally in a relationship.
All jokes aside its good to see a group of brothers become doctors...kinda glad this pic went viral.
#LFCs @lfc18alberto has today been named in the UEFA @ChampionsLeague Team of the Week
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Uni on Monday !! Make sure you sign up to our society!!


Uni life 4 the bloody win lol!!!


RT @Touch_Wood95: Nuff love for my brothers moving into Uni this weekend and the ones staying in LC


RT @Sophie1661: I'll miss these guys so much???? have an amazing time at uni dont get into too much mischief???????? @ChrisAdams42 @JordssBoi

bedford // leicester

it's making me so sad knowing i have a whole year left before i go to uni :-(


Can't believe I go back to Uni tomorrow, where has summer gone?! ☀️????


swear all my friends are going to uni far away then there's me going to uni round the corner


First Friday night at uni and I'm in bed by 10.


And the day I get a lie in I have to be up at seven because of a uni open day ????


Easily persuaded, Drinks with the Uni lot it is haha







My boy ✌️????