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#GBBO eat your heart out! 38 @demonmedia cakes made for the @demontfortsu activities fair tomorrow! 😈 https://t.co/20WIBfg9o1

Lincoln, England

Yes Tom 👏🏻 #GBBO

Leicester, England

Paul is actually a savage tonight #GBBO


This should really be inspiring me to bake for the MacMillan coffee morning that I've organised for the office on Friday.... #GBBO

Leicester, England

Tom is the Ramsay Bolton of Bake Off #GBBO

Phoenix Square, Leicester

I'm going to the cinema on Friday I wonder if @Tom_gilliford can make me some of that fancy bread to take with me? 🙈 #GBBO

Leicester, England

Is anyone else in absolute denial about the future of #GBBO? https://t.co/mwyIrZod0k


Laughing far too much at this. 😂 #GBBO https://t.co/UR3GWlTjh5

Leicester, England

Out the hat? Bag? *shrugs* ❤️Selasi❤️ #GBBO


So this week they're making bread vaginas on #GBBO

Sunny East Midlands, UK




Leicester City at home to FC Porto last night #LCFC https://t.co/s92fukoEs9