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We’ve got a new No 8…
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My uncle is still missing, please RT to try and help us get any information about where he could be
Happy to have signed a new contract today. More hard work & looking forward to next season.  @LutonTown ⚽️👊🏽🤘🏽
Jose.. Signed.. Sealed.. Delivered! #Mourinho announced @ManUtd manager!! My thoughts -
Australias national womens soccer team lose 7-0 to an under FIFTEENS boys side
Ready for maga 👀
#WhyWeGotPakistan Nawaz has betrayed those Hurriyat Leaders who spent their lives in love of Pakistan!
Pretty sure these arent 32" length @ASOS 🤔🤔
#WhyWeGotPakistan Nawaz Govt is allowing Indian Govt to run on our media thus damaging two nation theory!
Open #CastingCall Luton Friday 27th May 5-7pm @TheHatFactory teenage Asian actors wanted for high profile TV Drama.
And were off with our Luton Cultural Education Partnership event. @ngyt_uk value cultural learning @ROHBridge
#WhyWeGotPakistan  It is beyond any doubt that PMLN is to Pakistan what BJP is to India
#WhyWeGotPakistan We suffered bullets because our elders wanted to follow Islam in Pakistan
#WhyWeGotPakistan Do you know? This Joker is the Indian Army Chief yet still Nawaz does not respond to India
#WhyWeGotPakistan  If it was not for General Raheel, Nawaz would have completely destroyed Pakistan till now
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Pass the buck on blamming immigrants on the collapse of Great Britain but not our pig fucking PM? #BBCDebate

Luton, England

Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Germany ALL to progress and for a better quality of life. The same way most do when they come here. #BBCDebate

Luton, England

Why are people so set on sending immigrants back to their own country? How many British born citizens have emigrated to Aus #BBCDebate

Luton, England

#BBCDebate crying at how many citizens lack common sense and strive in ignorance.. What Great Britain?

Luton, England

RT @BBCPhilipSim: If you're wondering who won the #BBCdebate, it was this guy. "I could leave right now. You could come with me."

Milton Keynes / Luton, England

One thing I do like about this debate is the immediate feedback on whether the question was even answered. Usually it's not. #BBCDebate

Milton Keynes / Luton, England

RT @StrongerIn: Staying in Europe is worth a future 800,000 jobs. Vote to remain for more jobs for young people. #BBCDebate


RT @Iamsophiakhan: #BBCDebate the #Leave side are so rude!

Milton Keynes / Luton, England

Plus nobody from Britain really wants to work in Amazon #justsaying ?☕️ #BBCDebate

Luton, UK

RT @Vote_LeaveMedia: A resounding NO from the #BBCDebate audience when asked if they believe the scaremongering from @StrongerInPress

Luton, England




Join us this Sunday Christ Apostolic Church East of Luton, Kestin House, 45, Crescent Road, Luton, LU2 0AH Its going to be a wonderful day!