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Pep still remembers the 'WTF' question 0️⃣👌🏼
We're here getting excited over FIFA17 & these kids are happy that a bomb gives them somewhere to play.. perspective
A traumatised toddler who wouldn't let go of the nurse who was treating him. Heartbreaking! #Aleppo
Pep: "But if they are happy with me I can stay that period and if I am happy and they are happy, why not longer?”
In case you missed it - Greater Manchester looking great! Our revolutionary region, as captured by @marketing_mcr
Best invention of our generation IMO 🙆🏾
Always wondered how these scenes were captured.
Vine by Simply Spurs - When you leave the club you manage due to knee surgery.
Meek just dissed Beanie, Drake, 50 and Game. #dc4
Watch this guy smash EVERY iPhone in an Apple Store... 😳
Pep Guardiola is open to staying at Manchester City for longer than three years.
Regardless of what you think of him now, this was a pretty special goal - and he scored it 10 years ago today
"When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea,"
Imagine this being in your house 🤔
That intro to Texia was just unreal @BlossomsBand
In football, there are things that are much important than the result. Have a nice weekend Barça fans!
انطباع احد المدرسين بعد زيارته ل #اليوم_الوطني_مانشستر وتحقق احدالاهداف بتعريفه بالصورة الحقيقة لبلادنا🇸🇦 @SaudiUK
Five museums and 29 libraries in #Lancashire closed today as the County Council makes £150m savings.
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oh no wtf have i done
Eyeing my second UFC World title.
When shes in last nights outfit and asks for something to wear because her taxis outside
Wtf has just happened😳
Looool was your love supposed to change after the flight??????
Retweet to win. 2 x Stone Roses tickets (standing) for Wembley (17th June). Winner picked Sunday 9pm
I cant face another referendum
Chill, I have fixed it for you. @ddlovato
Even after all these years they sit in the car and listen to music together. @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS @Michael5SOS xx

Its all over and Wigan are heading back to Old Trafford!!!!

#SLWigHul 🍒⚪️
Its sad that 2% think it doesent
The great Duncan Edwards was born on this day in 1936. Read more about his lasting legacy at Old Trafford:…
Another day at the office 🔴@ManUtd
Paris Squad
Thanks to customer feedback, we’re excited to introduce our new range of #Gary 🧀
Where to go from here lads? @FootyAccums
QUALITY: One of the best ever opening lines.
RETWEET & FOLLOW @FootySuperTips for your chance to win one of 10 copies of #FIFA17  on your favourite console!!
Is it Halloween yet? Im ready
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#wenger20 is now trending in #Manchester

Manchester, England

RT @Arsenal: The boss #Wenger20


RT @Arsenal: So boss, if you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself? #Wenger20

Manchester, United Kingdom

RT @JoseMourinhod: Thank you for number 20 #Wenger20


RT @AdamMcKola: Thanks for 20, Arsene! #Wenger20

Manchester, England

RT @ArseneTactics: To say thank you would be an understatement. The hero we need, but not the hero we deserve. God bless Arsène, now and forever. #Wenger20

Manchester, England

RT @Arsenal: So boss, if you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself? #Wenger20

Manchester, England

RT @AdamMcKola: Thanks for 20, Arsene! #Wenger20


RT @AidanMUFC_: Celebrating Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal... Some of his memorable moments #Wenger20

Red Side Of Manchester.

Thank you Arsene #Wenger20

Manchester, England








Were giving away another copy of FIFA 17, simply RT & follow us to enter. Winner announced Monday.
FIFA 17 GIVEAWAY. Just Retweet and Follow us to enter. Winner announced soon. Good Luck!
FIFA 17 GIVEAWAY. Just retweet and follow to enter. [Winner announced Monday]. Good luck!
@ManUtd post the utd fifa 17 cover on the club instagram like the other clubs did admins


U18s: Good luck to Kieran McKennas #MUFC side, who are away to Middlesbrough today at 12:30 BST.