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Jonah Hill refuses to sign autographs. Instead, he hands out this business card... https://t.co/jMAAABaMu7


The Jungle has KOd @ChrisEubank and hes the 4th to leave Camp #ImACeleb https://t.co/ue3tRbUNab


The case for bombing Syria is suddenly looking clear: https://t.co/aJGoy8iWYG
Off to Preston Christmas Market? Check when its open and the bar serves til: https://t.co/boGmJtq63q https://t.co/LPMO58cqf5
The paddling pool on Moor Park, Preston looks deeper today than I remember it @blogpreston https://t.co/ZNZVKuoHWg




"Its leather but it has lapels, so I can wear it to work." "Yeah, if you start working for the Gestapo." https://t.co/RhXtonbolY