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Photo taken in 2014 for the East coast #WW1 bombardment Centenary, and today a symbol of remembrance #Somme100

RT @NorthYorksFire: Today we remember the Battle of the #Somme and those who gave their lives. Lest we forget #Somme100

Scarborough UK

RT @itvnews: Hundreds of people in First World War uniforms appear at public places across the UK in a moving #Somme100 tribute

Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Remembering Great uncle Arnold Hutchinson who perished- thanks to the bullet that sent my Granddad home #somme100

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

RT @BBCSpringwatch: #Somme100

Scarborough, UK

RT @FlashbackonFilm: The #WeAreHere campaign is touching people around the country. Hear from #Somme100 survivors first hand

Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

RT @updayUK: #Somme100: During the battle, British forces suffered casualties at a rate of 500 men a minute

Scarborough, England

RT @jondevonpertwee: 19,240 British soldiers died on this day in 1916. Tha's one every 4.5 seconds. One father, one son, one brother every 4.5 seconds #Somme100

Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

RT @mailtravel: To mark #Somme100, our #FridayFreebie today is "A Corner of a Foreign Field". RT & Follow to #win

Scarborough , North Yorkshire

RT @WhyToVoteGreen: Somehow this tweet from Nigel Farage made me think of Rudyard Kipling's famous epitaph on a politician #Somme100

Scarborough UK

RT @TheBrooke: Today on #Somme100 please join us in paying respect to the soldiers and working equines who died in #WW1.

Scarborough England