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Vine by Russell Jackson - Joshua teeing off on Breazeale
"I'm not making this up. This literally happened two hours ago." This is astonishing (via @wrongisland)
Vine by Fitz_elcapo - she really acted out over that thin ass magazine swat to her head. #dramaqueen #lebronflop #shegotshot
What a legend #ledleyshuffle #togetherstronger
When you need money to fuel the corsa
Post-#Brexit strategy session.
When someone wants a road rage fight at 11.55am but you've got a test booked for 12.10pm 😂
.@Aiannucci couldn't have written this any better.
Alex and Miles 🍺💊🍾💊
And that's all she wrote...... #JoshuaBreazeale
We want a pluralist system, #freedom of parties & assembly. Join us for #FreeIran in #Paris July9th, #maryamrajavi
Olivier Giroud taken out by a sniper
DJ Ketleys maga 2016 mix
Leicester City's title-winning goal is simply beautiful with the titanic music...
Alex Turner & Miles Kane absolutely lovin tame impala
Vine by The Irish News - Rude Giroud
David Beckham's famous free-kick against Greece is much better with the titanic music...
AJ showing true patriotism coming out to the London National anthem.
@YorksAmbulance #dancingparamedic @4ChallengeUK @andyd @DrAmirMehrkar @AndrewKernall @StudentSource @ASK4Broadband
I'm the worst friend ever
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Respect to Dom for coming out to the Lions Den. UK we raised the roof ✔️ Thank you all! 🇬🇧 #AJBoxing
Interesting comment on FB. Think it might be spot on.
"Farage promised £350m for the nhs"
Wake up. We do not have to do this. We can stop this madness through a vote in Parliament. My statement below
Here is a message for all those who voted Brexit to stop immigration.
Daily Mail explains how Brexit will affect your holiday money, mortgages, passports, health cover. Comments tragic.
Make this go viral so Boris Johnson has to admit he lied about giving £350M p/w to the NHS #EUreferendum #lies
#Amnesty! Jafar Azimzadeh,the political prisoner`s #life under +2months hunger strike in danger #Iran @UNWOMEN4Youth
Harry Potter and the
Quite an image of a British Muslim Mayor speaking at a massive LGBT Pride event.
Return to Parliamentary Democracy? Interesting letter in the Guardian:
As if someone brought this with them to Glastonbury!!! Hahaha
Amazing Guardian comment on the poisoned chalice of #Brexit.
It is with a heavy heart that I have this morning resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.
#Iran #News Nasrallah: Hizbollah’s income,expenses,everything it  eats& drinks, its… #Turkey
When u think leaving the EU is bad but then
this is what youve done. i hope you feel bad.
wayyyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone but i feel very cute n very happy w my body xxx
join us in #Paris #July9th,call for regime change in #Iran. #FreeIran #MaryamRajavi #France
and so do 17,410,742 brits
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RT @jimwaterson: Whenever a shadow minsiter quits, their staff also lose their jobs. Some good people out of a job today because their bosses resigned.


RT @comedyray: If you moan that football is on TV too much just remember that when it stopped for 2 days we left Europe and our Prime Minister resigned.

Sheffield, England

RT @Harryslaststand: The question is for those in the #ShadowCabinet who resigned what did you do personally to save the nation from #Brexit


RT @DavidGWrigley: Prime Minister of UK has resigned yet every news channel flooded with news of Labour Minister resignations.Murdoch/right wing media in play

Sheffield, England

RT @jimmy_1975: @JuliaHB1 I agree feels like there no plan in place and Its a disgrace how #DavidCameron has resigned and left us like this. 1 of 2


RT @matt_dathan: Vernon Coaker has resigned as Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, I hear, announcement soon. Corbyn has now lost a quarter of his frontbench

Sheffield, United Kingdom

RT @MirrorPolitics: Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Vernon Coaker has reportedly resigned. That's nine.


RT @SeemaMalhotra1: It is with regret that I confirm I have resigned from the Shadow Cabinet. Here is my resignation letter.

Sheffield, England

RT @kevwodonnell: Today I resigned my membership of Unite the Union. I can't in all consciousness stay whilst Len McCluskey continues to lead it.

Sheffield, United Kingdom

RT @roger_scully: Would it be simpler if everyone in the UK resigned, from everything?

Sheffield, England


Vine by Fitz_elcapo - she really acted out over that thin ass magazine swat to her head. #dramaqueen #lebronflop #shegotshot
56 min: #FRA 0-1 #IRL 57 min: #FRA 1-1 #IRL 60 min: #FRA 2-1 #IRL 65 min: #IRL Red Card
- Vine by @typicalmfc


Supporting Germany in the next game. Closest I have to a Germany shirt. #GER


Vine by Fitz_elcapo - she really acted out over that thin ass magazine swat to her head. #dramaqueen #lebronflop #shegotshot
Vine by The Irish News - Rude Giroud
Olivier Giroud taken out by a sniper
Fantastic. Huge respect for @andyburnhammp