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Geoff Cameron ready to fight for central position
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£35 for a candle?! I'll just keep the big light on love. #TheApprentice


RT @innocentdrinks: There are probably worse decisions in life than firing yourself from #TheApprentice. Just keep swimming, Lindsay

Stoke on Trent

When James knows he's in the warm & smelly. #BottomLipCurl #TheApprentice


And there's the other!!!! Fucking hated those 2! #TheApprentice

Stoke On Trent, UK

RT @MattWakefield34: I'd rather wipe my arse with ebola infected broken glass than watch the alpha twats on #TheApprentice. #justsaying.


RT @BBCOne: On the plus side, at least they didn’t go for a 'British Bries' scent. #TheApprentice #FromageFragrances

Burton / Stoke

Found a new love james #TheApprentice

Stoke on trent

That lady basically said yep im crap, fire me ?. What on earth... #theapprentice

Manchester/Stoke On Trent

I feel sorry for the swimming teacher #TheApprentice


There's 1 of them gone!! #TheApprentice

Stoke On Trent, UK


YouTube - SUSTRANS Stoke on Trent






RT for a traffic cone, FAV for Glen Johnson


GOAL! What a goal Marco REUS! - Alex Chaffers post on Vine