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RT @SamMorshead_: Our little website has hit 250k page views in month for first time with couple of days to go. Thanks for stopping by. http://t.co/VoMNq4aVw5


@SamMorshead_ *if you can find Nile Ranger

Old Town, Swindon

RT @SamMorshead_: Delighted my cricket club skipper @Boomerman31 recognised with @AdverSport Unsung Hero. Moody bastard but great servant to @WhiteHorse_CC


RT @SamMorshead_: To put it in context, Swindon Town have today rejected what would be the most they have ever received for a player: http://t.co/Bh0fiZW0Nq

Swindon, England

@rjj1973 @SamMorshead_ mcmanaman of Wigan 4.5m. McCormack of Fulham 11m. Think he's worth 5mil to STFC.


@chetanv82 @AndyWarren_ @PnoTuna @STFCcouk @batch_2001 @SamMorshead_ Wouldnt wish that on anyone


RT @SamMorshead_: Dull day. Huge bid rejected for Luongo, Storey off to Newport, Gladwin recovery ahead of schedule. Catch up: http://t.co/VoMNq4aVw5 #stfc


@PnoTuna @STFCcouk @batch_2001 @SamMorshead_ @AndyWarren_ I fancy Germany as a destination in the summer. Lots of Aussie squad play there.


@STFCcouk @chetanv82 @batch_2001 @SamMorshead_ @AndyWarren_ my impression was we agreed an initial 100k,with 300k add ons,then 50%of profit


RT @SamMorshead_: Finding it strange (and a little disconcerting) that I'm writing transfer stories involving Swindon Town, Sevilla & figures of €2.5million.