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I would rather get Ebola than receive this
Got our EP yet? We will be bringing it to Level 3 this Friday! #AWWW #NowOrNever #EP #AWayWithWords
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RT @themanofdann: WHY IS SHE OBSESSED WITH LEMONS. Chopping them, slicing them, naming candles after them!? #TheApprentice

Swindon, England

#TheApprentice 1. I wish I had £50 to waste on a candle 2. If you can't do basic mathematics why are you even there.

Swindon, UK

RT @PnoTuna: More respect for lindsay on #theapprentice for basically quitting than the people who cant admit their mistakes


RT @JustEatUK: We can smell what sells. #TheApprentice


RT @ACTaylor96: Nurun had no chance the minute she said she was from Peterborough #TheApprentice


Nurun had no chance the minute she said she was from Peterborough #TheApprentice


Is James not on Twitter? Absolute quality entertainment! #theapprentice


RT @bbcapprentice: Nurun does not specialise in selling things in London. She sells things on the other side of the world, in Peterborough. #theapprentice

Swindon, United Kingdom

Pleased to see James stay, just needs to shut his gob. Correct 2 people went @Lord_Sugar #TheApprentice


Oh poor Lindsay. at least she can admit she failed instead of being an egotistical dick! #TheApprentice











Swindon Towns 1969 League Cup Winning squad #stfc #swindon #winners