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Telford, UK

@jamesecook Well clearly Boris doesn't. #ByeByeUK I always liked #Scotland .

Shrewsbury, UK

RT @georgeeaton: Boris destroyed the dream he had (leadership) in pursuit of the one he didn't (Brexit).

Telford, England

RT @annabotting: What a morning. Gove in, Boris out, Corbyn compares Israel to Islamic State & Momentum insult a Jewish MP at anti-semitism event #brexit

Telford, England

RT @PSbook: That theory about David Cameron resigning early so he could screw up Boris Johnson's career? No longer a theory.

Telford, England

Cameron's trap was not triggering article 50. Boris has bottled being the person who had to do that. All of them are as bad as each other.

Telford, England.

RT @Telegraph: Asked about Boris Johnson not standing for the Conservative leadership, Ruth Davidson said:

Telford, England

RT @pradip: Exact moment Boris Johnson changed his mind about running for Tory leadership was captured on CCTV.

Bagram - Dubai - Telford

RT @TheVampsJames: Boris out of the Prime Minister race eh... This is like a soap opera. #BorisJohnson

Telford, England

Let's not call Boris a coward. Let's call him the self-serving snake he is. He'll let this leader do all the 'hard sh*t' then swoop in later

Telford, England






"I could not be Prime Minister. Im not equipped to be Prime Minister. I dont want to be Prime Minister."