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@Annabanana1979 really enjoyed tonight's #ImACeleb I'm back to disliking #LadyC one things for sure she knows how to get airtime #bitchy

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

@antanddec please please get "her" out of there! #Poisonous #oldtrout #ImACeleb

Wakefield, UK

Really hating lady c at the minute #ImACeleb

Wakefield, United Kingdom

#ImACeleb the celebs have to do much worse in trials for food so Jorgie and Tony should have done it, but Lady C needs to pipe the F down


Can lady c just go now. Not entertaining and a rude human. Any chance the jungle can make her dissappear? #ImACeleb

Wakefield, UK
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PSV fans singing the Touré song at Old Trafford after the game. Scenes.






Paul Pogbas boots tonight. Class!