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I suppose eye gouging isnt intentional either @GNev2 . If it brays like a donkey, its usually a donkey.

@StanCollymore the racisms bang out of order! but ur still a women beating pervert who wanks in lay bys


RT @StanCollymore: I suppose eye gouging isn't intentional either @GNev2 . If it brays like a donkey, it's usually a donkey.


RT @StanCollymore: Chelsea and Rangers. Made for each other . ????????


@lawrence_sir @StanCollymore @NathanDavis123 last 11 seasons Spurs out finish efc 7-4, (2 seasons 1 place in it) my point being hardly

Wirral, england

RT @StanCollymore: Delighted to be speaking in Liverpool to support @spiritofshankly @TheBlueUnion next Friday to protest about ticket pricing. Come along!


@StanCollymore @NathanDavis123 as if Coleman would leave Everton for Spurs !!

Wirral, England

@StanCollymore people need get life stop bein abuseive n racist


@StanCollymore palace A Liverpool H Chelsea A arsenal A .... Bottom 3 come March, tough time to drop in there #efc

Wirral, england

@StanCollymore @DazClarke91 problem is fa have no consistency over the years, shearer elbow for example, even sterling this season

Wirral, england

@StanCollymore @craig_stoddy84 the league table must work differently these days....

Wirral, england


Vine by Francine Lewis - Katie price: she slags me off #cbb