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When you spot yourself on the big screen and want people to think you've got a plan...
Vine by Chris Towers - Bit much. #ENG
BRILLIANT: Steve McLaren with the best TV moment of the year. (via @hoopsterdell)
England vs. Iceland. #EURO2016 #ENGICE
Legit this country doesn't care anymore
England's new national anthem gives me goosebumps
Vine by Aaron Nagler - #sports
Den isländske kommentatorn är tillbaka. Lyssna på den hysteriska glädjen vid 2-1 till Island <3
Northern Ireland welcomed back in Belfast. Guess who didn't play a minute but got the biggest reception...
Harry Kane Euro set-piece compilation. The worst peformances I've ever seen in an England shirt. RT's appreciated.
Ladies and Gentlemen, former #Eng manager, Steve McClaren. 😂
The new England national Anthem for the world cup 2018
The Northern Ireland team arrive back in Belfast to a heroes welcome. 👏🏼
Vine by Aaron Nagler - #sports
Roy Hodgson resigning is even better with the titanic music...
Harry Kane highlights.
Very nice in training today from Emre #Can! #JederFuerJeden #EURO2016 @LFC
Beautiful celebration from the #ISL team...
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Its a done deal - #SadioSigns! ✍
Think Ive been misquoted.
Sadio Manes number is, of course, t̶w̶e̶n̶t̶y̶-̶n̶i̶n̶e̶  1⃣9⃣!
📸 Mane takes in his new surroundings at Melwood! #SadioSigns
Englands manager is paid $4.6 million a year. 
Icelands manager is a part-time dentist.
Those wanting to change the Labour Party leadership will have to take part in a democratic election
💬 Ronaldo: Iceland have "small mentality" & "are not going to do anything in the competition".

13 days later...
10,000 people in Parliament Square with just 24 hours notice. @jeremycorbyn going nowhere. #KeepCorbyn
📰 Read the full story as #SadioSigns:
The Daily Mail reports theres been a spike in racist hate crime post-#Brexit

For context, heres some DM headlines
"Coulda been in Napa with the mandem u know"
Do you recognise these men? We wish to speak to them in relation to a hate incident on a tram this morning. Call 101
Let the P see the 45! #Engbarrassing #EURO2016
📰 From Lorraine to #LFC - read about Manes journey to Anfield: #SadioSigns
Please share far and wide - Enterprising Libraries & local opportunities 

@BIPC Central @Liverpoollib 6pm today
Bale carrying Wales.

Griezmann carrying France.

British Airways carrying England.
How have our customers rated Les Perry Roofing? #Wirral #Cheshire #Merseyside
Do you need to get access to high parts of your building?  #CherryPicker Hire #Wirral
Best two tweets ever?
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RT @wikileaks: #Corbyn coup is a forced move for Blairites. #Chilcot on July 6. MPs who pushed Iraq war face ruin and risk charges if leader talks it up.

the wirral

RT @jeremycorbyn: We need Labour party members, trade unionists & MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country


RT @MissLilySummers: Labour MPs are not delegates. Labour MPs are not delegates. Labour MPs are not delegates.


RT @Leon_French01: @MissLilySummers The Left of the Labour Party has wanted MPs to be delegates for the Labour Party rather than representatives for years.


RT @MissLilySummers: MPs are not delegates to members. ?


RT @jeremyforlabour: MPs opposing Corbyn say they are just listening to their constituents. Well, @AngelaEagle's constituency just told her to back Jeremy Corbyn


RT @ShehabKhan: In light of 172 Labour MPs voting against Corbyn


RT @SocialistGreen: I have no confidence in 172 Labour MPs. If one of them is my MP @JeffSmithetc so be it! Members views don't count. #politicalelitism

Wirral, UK

RT @chloe_annfield: I have no confidence in 172 Labour MPs.

Wirral, UK

RT @MissEFC: I'm absolutely furious... 172 Labour MPs vote against one of the most honorable men inpolitics That's 172 v 260000, no contest #Corbynstays

Wirral, UK


Its a done deal - #SadioSigns! ✍


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