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Seems around 50.000 people marched through this afternoon Moscow to honour the memory of Boris Nemtsov. Impressive.

MEP denied entry to Russia for Nemtsov funeral


RT @guardian: Mourners bid farewell to Boris Nemtsov, but fear their hopes have died with him

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

RT @shaunwalker7: Private Eye on Nemtsov (via @joshspero)

Tbilisi, Georgia

RT @leonidragozin: Navalny argues that Nemtsov was killed on direct orders from Putin, not by the "climate of hatred" Putin has created

Tbilisi, Georgia

Boris Nemtsov: Final interview given by Putin critic just hours before his murder - in full - via @Telegraph

Georgia, Tbilisi

RT @rtenews: Mourners queue to pay respects to Nemtsov

Dublin, Tbilisi

RT @poroshenko: Decreed to award Boris Nemtsov an Order of Freedom