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We're in the Lake District, Carlisle and surrounding areas today and tomorrow! Want to apply? e:

Channel 4 and 4oD

Hmmmmm....what a shitty country we are living in!!! Need to be serious about pitching camp in Georgia...sick and tired of the nonsense


honestly cannot stand when georgia says sorry to me for no reason just makes me angry

in love with joe powell

LMAO Georgia>>>


Wind Bend Driftwood Jekyll Island, Georgia


Good start for Youth on day 2: Georgia Miller & Prue Davies into ski final. Dan Collins & John Brown into Board final.


Man today was my little bro last day of practice before he leave to Georgia @ItsTahj

On The Court

@LyndonGreen1 Good morning Yr4 at Condover Hall. No more sleeps! See you this afternoon Georgia can't wait to hear all about your trip ???? xxx


Georgia's tweet to kian actually made my day and I've only just woke up


hmm .. Georgia state fair almost here ???? wonder if my girls wanna go ?