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Wish I was in Georgia right now .


@HeyItsDeezy You live in Georgia?I ask that because it just started to get windy.


Lover's Leap Lookout Mountain, Georgia http://t.co/M9vLQbyzIU


Republish facebook fun page - open to bidding by Dortmund10: hey, i'm from georgia, i need republish my… http://t.co/Vu04ybyT7v #wordpress


Mint by Georgia http://t.co/aa9NQFYrF8 via @Etsy


Georgia, North Carolina midterms: Race matters http://t.co/DDv884OysI

CA, NY, FL, AZ, and the world

please don't post a picture of your half eaten meal on instagram me and georgia are honestly gagging right now hahahahaha stop


Had a pretty intense game of connect four with Georgia ?? http://t.co/uu0CTagycE


The fact that it's snowing, in October, in Georgia is not right ?


Georgia Go From Summer ? To Winter ❄️ Real Quicc!

Chiraq ✈️ Clatlanta