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Sam Smith- I'm Not The Only One ???? - Vine by Jacob Whitesides - Sam Smith- I'm Not The Only One 🙅
Vakouz - Love Beach 95 (FULL ALBUM)
Lisa Batiashvili plays an encore for the people in the Ukraine at Philharmonie Berlin
Алексей Диденко: Выйдя из Совета Европы мы сможем казнить миллионы извращенцев!
Как пригласить много партнеров в любой проект!
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Never forget
Thanks to guitar hero for supplying me with my new guitar.. Cant wait to jam on it in our writing sessions
Happy birthday Harry, love you❤️
Everything looks so much better from this perspective.In Stefans world daddy is always a winner! #NoleFam #AusOpen
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Mine and Georgia's life lol? @georgiahampshir


goodnight loves, imma leave you with this.. You're welcome -georgia

ENG/USA/AUS/GER •4/4+band•

On this day in 1973. Gladys Knight and the Pips leave #Motownl for Buddah. "Midnight Train To Georgia": #RT

Sussex /All over

Voici mes modèles, elles sont toutes belles, maigre et mannequin. Taylor, Joan, Georgia nd Joséphine.


Steph & I are getting a reality TV show called "The Real Fangirls of Texas" & @DianaPatricia8 @stuunalee are "The Real Fangirls of Georgia"

bright lights big city

sooo me and Georgia spent our Saturday night watching a documentary about killer whales :') xx


@GeoCurtisxx Georgia you crack me up?? gosh thought we left this in futures but I guess you still dream about this ??




CLEARED:incident:I-495 inner loop Exit 31 - MD 97/Georgia Ave Silver Spring


wow Georgia is REALLY different than Colorado....?



Houses perched at the edge of the Tsavkisistskali River gorge in Tbilisi.