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RT @Kweku_Asiedu: Seeing a snake in ur room no be the problem. The Real Problem is when the Snake disappears n ECG also off the light.


RT @Koffy_9: ECG Dey Maltreat We For Kumasi...Eno Nice


"@marzu_awal: I'll sleep early. Thanks to ECG" Cm and perch @ my place erh?

In A Safe Ghetto

"@belle17asare: "@TrueBlue04__: And then...ECG made me unhappy! :(" im happy for u" Herh u! Wish I could come there and smash your face :(

Ghana, Kumasi

And then...ECG made me unhappy! :(

Ghana, Kumasi

ECG come on am waiting.. do ur fin ... dis government is confused nd good for nofin as Manchester uniteds defence ..

Ghana, Kumasi

ECG it's 6 o'clock already.


There goes ma ecg..i dey trust


Ecg we beg u wae.I think u should change your name from Ecg to LAG.Load shedding Ghana.

Garden city.kumase

ECG failed me.

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