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Μια Κρητική κριτική για το Game of Thrones pt.1 (SPOILER ALERT)
Μαζί μου (πρόχειρη έκδοση)
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One Direction - Best Song Ever
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#7daysUntilThisFuckingSong I cant wait that long
RT @TrendKE: Photo: ~@JamilMaatouk
146 Palestinian children were killed as a result of airstrikes and shelling in #Gaza - an average of 10 per day.
Hope youre ready to rock out TODAY. Get it
Photos: Now in #telaviv hundreds of israeli artists gather to protest against attack on #gaza #GazaUnderAttack
Oreo Nutella Sandwich
Talking to luke about the weather
"you can beat my ass but my daddy will sue" outfit.
Excellente illustration de la situation à #Gaza, par @LatuffCartoons , à RT !! #GazaUnderAttack #FreePalestine
Usually this S represents Swift but today Im wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!
Honestly - Screw this company:
It doesnt get more dehumanizing than this: "Others".
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#7daysUntilThisFuckingSong I cant wait that long

RT @BrooksBeau: Greece we want to come in you ????

Athens, Greece

#WeWantJanosToGreece @JaiBrooks1 @BrooksBeau @luke_brooks @James_Yammouni @danielsahyounie talk dirty to me tourountoutou ;)

Athens Greece

#WeWantJanosToGreece @BrooksBeau if you come to Greece I buy you pink vans <3

Athens Greece

#WeWantJanosToGreece @danielsahyounie @JaiBrooks1 @BrooksBeau @luke_brooks @James_Yammouni είσαστε καυλες τέλος <3

Athens Greece

RT @LetsKidnapJai: Please come to Greece ily #WeWantJanosToGreece @JaiBrooks1 @BrooksBeau @danielsahyounie @James_Yammouni @luke_brooks

Athens Greece

RT @justinandjanos: @JaiBrooks1 @BrooksBeau @luke_brooks @James_Yammouni @danielsahyounie WE LUV YA #WeWantJanosToGreece

Athens Greece

RT @BrooksBeau: #7daysUntilThisFuckingSong I can't wait that long


RT @BrooksBeau: Greece we want to come in you ????


#WeWantJanosToGreece YAS ATHENS GREECE ???? @BrooksBeau @James_Yammouni @danielsahyounie @JaiBrooks1 @luke_brooks

Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

Who will be my 1/5 ? @janoskians @JaiBrooks1 @luke_brooks @BrooksBeau @danielsahyounie @James_Yammouni I love ya xx ♥



RT @kayoazul: be quiet when kids are sleeping, not when theyre being killed RT #Gaza #Athens #Greece USA embassy #Gaza
Now in #athens protest in support to the people of #gaza
Louder slogans now #athens #gaza
RT @platitudinous: #oxi_sth_bia |
#oxi_sth_bia |
RT @platitudinous: #oxi_sth_bia |
Ο Γελοίος.. @A_Panagoulis: Κυριε @KaminisG εδω αλλα μας λεγατε. Μαλλον οι βομβαρδισμοι αμαχων στη #Gaza δεν ειναι βια
Εξω απο την Αμερικανική Πρεσβεία #Gaza #Athens #Greece
RT @MakisSinodinos: Αρκετός κόσμος στη συγκεντρωση για τη #Gaza στο Συνταγμα #GazaUnderAttack #Athens
RT @James_Yammouni: Always seem to end up here no matter where we are in the world #Shisha
RT @James_Yammouni: So this guy tried to get me to hop in his car by offering candy
έξω από τα γραφεία της Ε.Ε η πορεία συνεχίζεται προς Αμερικάνικη Πρεσβία
στιγμιότυπο από το Σύνταγμα προηγουμένος
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