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Silent Pain Game
Κάντε RT σε αυτή τη Φωτο και κερδίστε αυτό το μοναδικό δώρο απο την Tupperware !!
Snapbacks are still a thing right? 💕🐶 @tylergposey
Found this ugly guy @ChrisEvans
@Nashgrier every day I watch your snapchat ❤I love it❤️️plz add me ❤️ xx233
“@Ashton5SOS: I look like a goob but thanks for having us Dublin!!! 2 amazing shows xx” is that calum in a hood?
@Ashton5SOS but why are you wearing a button up shirt
The battle between Team Fruity & Team Cocoa finally ends with a wet and ultimate throw down between me and Hunter March. 

Watch Hunter’s Revenge:

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runnin rounnnn town tellin errbody....... @nekai_jo @tracytakahashi
@camerondallas Cam You Looks So Cute
Told you
went cliff diving today 💪
E eles com os balões. E o Calum falando "Apenas aguardem".
Watch lyric video for the new song “Reapers” now!

Director - Tom Kirk
Produced by - Banoffee Sky
Editor and VFX - Rowan Glenn
Drones Filming - Drones Plus
Band Performance filmed by Liam Iandoli and Daniel Salter
Actor - Micky Shiloah
Actor - Alexandria Basso

Pre-order the new album DRONES now on CD, CD+DVD, 12" double gatefold 180g vinyl, digital download or the exclusive deluxe package with CD/DVD/tri-fold vinyl:
If you havent seen our new painful video yet here it is, hilarious was so fun to film haha
The 5 Seconds of Summer boys give you 3 reasons why YOU need to see them play Perth Arena live in June 2015. 

Tickets on sale now:
“@5SOS: 5sers”💕😭
Steel Mirrors - Τhoughts 23:1:2015 Remedy Club Athens
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Snapbacks are still a thing right? ???????? @tylergposey
Snapbacks are still a thing right? ???????? @tylergposey