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RT @krislc: Scholarism: apologise for not discussing thorough with the protesters, ask public to 3 sites to discuss #OccupyHK

Hong Kong

RT @antd: The Admiralty carpentry workshop gets more serious by the day #OccupyHK #UmbrellaMovement


CityU exhibition. #occupyhk #umbrellamovement

Hong Kong

"Hong Kongers support to the end". More cool #OccupyHK art

Hong Kong

RT @frostyhk: Carpentry site at Admiralty is growing industrial #OccupyHK


咁要的是全民公投,而非容易搞串的 #occupyhk 廣場投票。連金鐘人士都不以為言就明白失策之處。靜雞雞做民調甚至畀人鬧的小組討論都比廣場投票好。你估主導權係咁搶的嗎?佔旺人士最不滿就是如此。 @wildwong @henrychiu01 @kk_kev @tkwlee

Hong Kong

RT @kjalee: BREAKING: Hong Kong protesters call off street vote on next steps. Press conference in 15 mins at main #OccupyHK camp to explain

Hong Kong

RT @tomgrundy: Reasons for poll cancellation to be given at press con in 15min at Admiralty #OccupyHK main stage

Hong Kong

Retro too RT @frostyhk: Carpentry site at Admiralty is growing industrial #OccupyHK”

Hong Kong

Um. Wut? Horn blowers have appeared at #OccupyHK Admiralty. Despite that, Gondor does not seem to be responding.

in your hearts


深夜の香港街頭。新聞雑誌やタバコなどを売る小さな路上キオスクに今日の蘋果日報付録だった「我要真普選」が。(合成ではありませんお!) #香港 #雨傘革命 #香港デモ
RT @aoi_azuma: 秩序を求め暴力反対を主張する青リボン。 #香港 #香港デモ #雨傘革命