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#throwback my cool dog with Luke 😎 - mike? Yeah mike
The best Fans here in Hungary !! Thanks so much for all the fantastic Gifts !! Love you all ❤️❤️ Obrigado a todos os Fans pelos presentes q ganhei aqui na Hungria !! Vcs sao incríveis !! Amo todos vcs ❤️❤️
This MOMENT on stage with @justinbieber something I will NEVER forget. #younghollywoodawards #celebritygrace #justinbieber #champforcharity
Cant guarantee this guys gonna remain sober for much longer this evening 😇
Im literally the most un-flexible person 😂😭
This is what I live for
고마워요 독일아미!
"Im only myself when I have a guitar in my hands" - George Harrison
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RT @justinbieber: Great night. Happy for Grace