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she really cried. Find her @ real quick
When you spot yourself on the big screen and want people to think you've got a plan...
Steve McClaren tempting fate on Sky Sports news
#ISL claps in unison with their fans after knocked out #ENG at #EURO2016. What a moment. #ENGISL
This is soooo amazing! #ISL clapping! #EURO2016
Best 35 seconds in #EURO2016 #ENGICE
What a tackle from Ragnar Sigurdsson #ENGISL
England vs. Iceland. #EURO2016 #ENGICE
Den isländske kommentatorn är tillbaka. Lyssna på den hysteriska glädjen vid 2-1 till Island <3
What is art? This is art.
Vine by Mike Goldfarb | Shaqtin a Fool - Say what you want about him but the Shaqtin MVP is entertaining! 😂
driving with your bestfriend
UZI & Britt relationship problems 🤐
I gave my autistic brother my phone and he put this on my snapchat story
It's over. This one can't be topped.
Every England fan that disrespected Iceland, you should've listened to Evra
Það varð að gera þetta. #emisland #fotboltinet
That Passion 👏
haters will say photoshop
i'm going to play this video at least once a day.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! #EURO2016 #emisland #emtorgið #isl #iceland #isleng
Had to bring it back for the one time since we all back in town😂😈 @thereal_sumo @_jgotthejuice_ @TheReal_Emann
Besta sem ég hef séð 😂😂😂
Brittany ain't going nowhere 🙄💕
being in Brasil again got me like
They changed the game with this 😂😂
Það var gaman á Arnarhóli þegar Ísland komst yfir, 2-1. #emísland #ISL #ENG
Vine by Legion Hoops - James Harden.....messing with kids at his camp. Savage. 😂 (via Mike Goldfarb)
English arrogance laid bare. 😂😂😂 #ENGICE
“You can leave Europe! You can go wherever the hell you want!” Icelandic commentator after win. Voice of #Euro2016
England's new national anthem gives me goosebumps
She's actually a problem😍😍
Vine by Astasia Williams - When your parents finally let you watch BET Uncut
In honor of shark week starting tonight 🌊
England vs Iceland summed up in one short gif. Well done #ISL. Can I come live in your country? @rvkgrapevine
What do you lovelies do after taking exams? Watch the full video here:
Vine by Anthony Padilla - what's the opposite of gaydar (IB: Mielmonster)
Welsh team loving life when #Ice won!!! #EURO2016
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Hey @bbjarnason8, when youre done with #Euros2016 give us a call... we could use you on the ASOS catwalk 👌 #ENGICE
#ISL coaches Lars Lagerbäck and Heimir Hallgrímsson enjoy the moment together. 👏❤ #ENGISL #EURO2016
Todays #SuperSaying:
#ISL defender Ragnar Sigurdsson is the @carlsberg Man of the Match 👏
3 days // SLFL
Kill em with kindness! And apparently, dont use an iron!! Repping that good good from @selenagomez 🙏🏽❤️
Englands manager is paid $4.6 million a year. 
Icelands manager is a part-time dentist.
The striker Böðvarsson works at this gas station in the winter time but plays football in summer #engice #emísland
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our middle baby ✨ I thank you for all that youve done for this group. You are such a significant piece to this puzzle. I cannot imagine these past four years not being able to see you along side me. My heart is so full knowing that I truly have a friend of a lifetime within you. We always talk about how well be at each others weddings one day and how our kids will go on play dates together. Of course in the near near near future. I can definitely bet on that happening. Im so grateful that you walked into my life. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an impact you have on me. I can always count on you to comment on how beautiful my skin is. I cannot remember a time that you didnt let me know how bomb my body is. Anytime we dont stand next to each other on the red carpet we freak out a little bit because we always slay most when were by one another for some strange reason. * brushes eyebrows with middle fingers * insider lol I love you to the moon, around Mars, a million times from Jupiter to Venus and back. Youre such a light of wisdom, compassion and love. I am so blessed to be able to say that I know you. It kinda sucks for those that dont because they are missing out on someone really special. We celebrate you today and every other day. I love you my lil rebel ❤️🌹this is our year. #20 @laurenjauregui
#ISL pride. 💪💪💪👏👏👏 #ENGISL #EURO2016
Iceland: 323,000 people, making 1st EURO appearance
England: 55 million people, soccer royalty

Iceland 2, England 1
@anita_frimpomaa Sunyani is gonna be Lit 🔥 🔥 
Its the official Ramadan party 🎉
Royal 👑 Lounge
Worldwide  Premiere : Olamide X Labi “Who You Epp” #OlamideXLabi_WhoYouEpp @Larhbimona
Giving the skins hell at Johns studio the other day, felt good to record... @JohnFeldy
This amazing soul is 20 now!! #HappyBirthdayLauren 💫
What an incredible picture #Iceland
#ENGISL prep
✔ Bathe in #RonaldoTears
✔ Offering to Óðinn
✔ Quaff @EinstokBeer
✘  Win #ICELANDSMITES shirt?
This is where Ragnar Sigurðsson, the Icelandic goalscorer, grew up. #engice #emísland
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???? #isl #emisland #euro2016


RT @BergurEbbi: mynd úr syrpu á - elska hvað er skrifað undir myndina. #emisland


RT @AtliHelga: Besta. Gif. EVER! #emisland #ENGICE


RT @GisliArni: Það varð að gera þetta. #emisland #fotboltinet


RT @AtliHelga: Besta. Gif. EVER! #emisland #ENGICE


On vous attend, France/Bring it on :) #emisland #UEFAEURO2016 #AframIsland #Kabul


RT @AtliHelga: Besta. Gif. EVER! #emisland #ENGICE

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Ég sver það, Raggi Sig hefði ekki getað tæklað þessar aðstæður betur #heheorðagrín #ENGICE #EMÍSLAND

Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Það er einfaldlega samfélagsleg skylda íslensku flugfélaganna að bjóða upp á ódýr aukaflug til Parísar næstu helgi! #forboltinet #emísland


RT @BragiValdimar: Ahh. Vissi að ég hefði séð þetta móment einhvers staðar áður. #emísland #isl #ENGICE

Kill em with kindness! And apparently, dont use an iron!! Repping that good good from @selenagomez ????????❤️
Me after lurking through baes favorites and getting my feelings hurt
when my boo aint texting back fast enough so im on all his accounts checkig for activity:
Find yourself a man like this
I LOVE how genuine this cast is on and off the screen they are REAL friends and their support for #LGBT means a lot.
I can relate


Ok this funny as shit RT @genocideblacks: When @youngwhiteside DMs you and cant take the curve ????????
When someone trys to slide in your girls DMs...
Hassan Whiteside getting curved in the DMs ????????


Dawg does desiigner have a disability? LMFAOO




UZI &amp; Britt relationship problems ????
lil Uzi message about Britney ???????????? @LILUZIVERT
Future Ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Too Much Sauce


Lilly in the vlog: "i made a video for monday" *#SuperMonday comes* Lilly: "what do you lovelies want to see?" me:
Hi hello Lilly, Please adopt me Yours sincerely -Sanna Singh @IISuperwomanII


Every England fan that disrespected Iceland, you shouldve listened to Evra


rt to win. tried making a design & messed up but i like it idc ???? who wants it


*gets text at 10 pm* "lol lets hangout" "wanna go to this party" "ill swoop you"
*gets text at 10 pm* "lol lets hangout" "wanna go to this party" "ill swoop you"
*gets text at 10 pm* "lol lets hangout" "wanna go to this party" "ill swoop you"
*gets text at 10 pm* "lol lets hangout" "wanna go to this party" "ill swoop you"