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Mnet [EXO 902014] 엑소 시우민이 재해석한 '임창정-소주 한 잔' 뮤비/EXO XIUMIN's 'a glass of soju' M/V Remake
Diabetes Protocol Review - THE HONEST TRUTH
Online Video Advertising Marketing Agency - Jyllion
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Ready for the big game… #Mercurial
morning 😊 Baloo is asking if you are ready for todays live event. #PanahAsmaraArjuna
Lalala lala
Happy birthday Delima deenam detujuh dst.!!! Wish you all the best sweety🎉
Louis van Gaal says @AnderHerrera and Angel Di Maria are both fit for #mufcs meeting with Chelsea on Sunday.
Gentleman’s Essentials. Proud2BSTout. Tonight Oct 25 Be there.
Proud2BStout is the leading sexy luxurious dance event initiative that is dedicated to create the most epic burlesque luxurious entertainment experiences ever Proud2Bstout is one of the fastest growing costume and lingerie event organisers in the world.
Proud 2BStout celebrates life, in a sexy burlesque environment with luxury lifestyle and fashion brands. This with a selected group of the coolest people on the planet. We focus with the format at the target groups that are young at heart, with a passion for discovering novelties, lingerie, fashion, music, beauty, arts, gadgets, travel, culture and new things. We do not only have strong relationships within the fashion, media, music and event sector but also with the ACES in the target groups. With aces we mean the fashion models, the brands, artists, DJ’s & all talent that can be considered trendsetters, with large amounts of followers & peers. We view the Proud2BStout platform as a business generational movement driven by a rapidly developing community of avid followers among the millennial and older generations. Our mission is to enable this movement by providing our fans with the best possible media content, brand experiences, music discovery, online content and connectivity with other fans, followers & events ⚽️❤️ Join us -,, & /
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Free Stress Zone (?) lol
Lady in red 💃
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Frozen"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia film kartun yang pengen banget ditayangin kembali di TV apa?"

Palembang, Indonesia

suka"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia Kamu suka sama orang yang humoris :3 ?"


RT @Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia Kamu suka sama orang yang humoris :3 ?


Ya"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia kamu itu cepat akrab sama orang ?"

Palembang, Indonesia

Buat surat cinta,surat kakak angkat untuk kakak senior"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia pas waktu MOS perintah yg paling aneh menurutmu apa ?"

Palembang, Indonesia

Ada"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia teman kamu ada yang jualan pulsa gak di sekolah ?"

Palembang, Indonesia

Kak annisa"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia senior yang masih kamu ingat namanya pas waktu MOS dulu ?"

Palembang, Indonesia

Ada Banyak"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia ada gak teman kamu yg belum bayar utang ke kamu ?"

Palembang, Indonesia

Bawel "@Tweetnesian : #RemajaIndonesia lebih nyaman sama org yg humoris / pendiem / bawel / kalem?"


Bangett:$"@Tweetnesian: #RemajaIndonesia Kamu suka sama orang yang humoris :3 ?"

Indonesia, Palembang
#Instagram 100 Followers/Likes 10 rb. 1000 Followers/Likes 50 rb. Proses Cepat,No Pass. 082126247034/Pin BB 25E3DC31


#Instagram 100 Followers/Likes 10 rb. 1000 Followers/Likes 50 rb. Proses Cepat,No Pass. 082126247034/Pin BB 25E3DC31




#Instagram 100 Followers/Likes 10 rb. 1000 Followers/Likes 50 rb. Proses Cepat,No Pass. 082126247034/Pin BB 25E3DC31
RT @radityadika: Iya bentar ya make pomade dulu.. RT @yayatgp: @radityadika bang, kami udh ngantri nih, cepeeet: