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Ska cover hunt '15 "fashion carnival nusantara heritage" (with Mila, Vinny, and 7 others at @malskapku) [pic] —


At @malskapku —

Indragiri Hulu, Riau

Meet up xpersonil snsd ? (with Ade and Tiyo at @malskapku) —

West Sumatera , Padang

✌️ (with Didwiky, Amila, and Sandy at @malskapku) —

ÜT: 0.4613498,101.4292221

Shoping shoping? (with Aldy and Mama at @malskapku) —

Pekanbaru, Riau-Indonesia

Semangaattt??? (with Yudiriyanto, Yulendo, and 4 others at @malskapku) —


With Nailurahmi and peggy at @malskapku —


With mama , papa, and 3 others at @malskapku —


Pasti heboh (with annisa, Dhiya Afifah, and at @malskapku) —

ÜT: -6.8592084,107.620043

Pasti heboh ???? (with annisa and at @malskapku) —

ÜT: -6.8592084,107.620043