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? (at @cinema21) [pic] —


? ★ Hit Man (with Octavriana and Anta at @cinema21) —

Pontianak-Bandung, Indonesia.

Ssshhhhh.... ★ Hitman: Agent 47 (at @cinema21) —


?? ★ Sinister 2 (with ?? at @cinema21) —


? ★ The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (with Ruth at @cinema21) —

Among you

RT @cinema21: Saksikan perjuangan gerilya JENDERAL SOEDIRMAN melawan penjajah. Sedang tayang di bioskop.


RT @cinema21: Para GANGSTER sedang beraksi di bioskop. Info jadwal


Watching Hitman: Agent 47 (with Filipus at @cinema21) —

ÜT: -0.03717,109.35178

ku-ah hangout?????? (with Tomi, anggie, and 10 others at @cinema21) —


RT @cinema21: Pierce Brosnan & Owen Wilson. NO ESCAPE tayang midnite hari ini di bioskop. Info jadwal

Pontianak, Indonesia






you got the song & the lyric video. Now the #whatdoyoumean music video comes out on @vevo 11pm est on sun after #VMAs