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MineraloGy. - Omega Crimson (directed by The Faba) (prod. by Backpack Beatz)
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Sykes and Picot go out for a pizza
RT @Bonn1eGreer: Once in awhile… the press gets it wrong. Via @HistoricalPics
BREAKING: Michael Dunn has been found GUILTY of the murder of Jordan Davis.
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RT @IDFrabbi: #Israel: A land for which the LORD your G-d cares, the eyes of the LORD your G-d are always upon it. - Torah: Devarim, דְּבָרִים Deut. 11:12


After the #war: Jewish-Arab relations in #Israel | openDemocracy @open_security @mirawad @AdalahCenter @AlShabaka


Netanyahu slams White House on settlements criticism - Capital FM Kenya #Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem mayor defends new construction in city's east - The Times of Israel #Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

New Twitter hashtag compares Israel to ISIS - i24news #Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Ynet: IDF Chief: Hezbollah pose bigger threat than Gaza #israel

Jerusalem, Israel

It's a beautiful day in #jerusalem #jerusalemoftheday #Israel #sun @ Baka, Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

RT @yoelisaak: Oy. US-Israel ties in crisis over East #Jerusalem building plans via @timesofisrael #Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Ramat Bet Shemesh C Residents Get Upset. Boo-Hoo! #Israel #Jews @shilohmuse @TheJackB @daledamos

Jerusalem, Israel

Ynet: Palestinian-born candidate runs for Berlin mayor #israel

Jerusalem, Israel


MT will Israel do same for residents of South? @DaliaHatuqa: Hamas delivers candy to 50000 for persevering during war




“@KayOrder: Israel spent 32 Million NIS on medical treatment for Syrian refugees.”. AT 4 different #Israeli hospitals