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Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site
7 Facts about Operation Protective Edge
UN emergency session on Gaza: Hillel Neuer speaks out
World leaders agree - "Israel has the right to defend itself"
Hamás utiliza el Hospital Waffa en Gaza para fines terroristas; las FDI lo neutralizan
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El astronauta Alexander Gest @Astro_Alex tomó esta foto de #Gaza diciendo "La foto más triste que saqué"
DAS ist übrigens Landfriedensbruch:
Me and the little lad :)
Maccabi Haifa players were assaulted tonight by an anti-Israel mob during a "friendly" match against Lille. Sickening
BREAKING PHOTO: More than 150 Palestinians stripped of weapons and arrested today in Gaza by IDF - Walla
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Palestinian minister in Gaza says death toll since start of operation in Gaza reached 738.

Jerusalem - Israel

RT @IAmForIsrael: Palestinian rockets launched at greater Tel Aviv; Iron Dome interceptions heard overheard


RT @debkafile: Egyptian soldiers foil a Palestinian terrorist attack on Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

RT @Israellycool: Hating Israel does not make you pro palestinian

Brooklyn & Jerusalem

RT @michaeldickson: #Israel TV News debate about how IDF can best avoid civilian casualties during mission. Am sure no similar debate on Palestinian Hamas TV.

Brooklyn & Jerusalem

#IOF and #palestinian children . #GazaUnderAttack

فلسطين #PALESTINE #Jerusalem


فلسطين #PALESTINE #Jerusalem

"What's going on in #Gaza is no less than #Hamas intentionally causing #Palestinian deaths." ~IAF Lt Col Tal Keinan

Jerusalem, Israel

RT @Tweet_Palestine: Palestinian Orthodox priests hold joint mass in Jerusalem praying for an end to Israeli war crimes #PrayForGaza


RT @Ediz99: Today is Laylat al-Qadr a holy night for Muslims. Israeli police bans Palestinian men under 50 from entering the holy site Aqsa in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem
RT @IDFSpokesperson: This is a loaded Grad rocket launcher we found in an agricultural school in Gaza.
RT @IDFSpokesperson: We have transferred over 860 truckloads of food, medicine & general supplies to Gaza during Operation Protective Edge