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RT @YiddishNews: Israel: Photos, Stabbing attack prevented in Jerusalem, suspect seized, knife recovered

Tel Aviv

Israel to UN: 'We’re not opposed to the return of terrorist bodies'...

Tel Aviv

Good morning from Tel Aviv @ Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel


How are the legal 500 rankings determined? Morning briefing with Legal 500 editor in Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel

@nasseratta5 I'm quoting him:"I had no intention to do such comparison [Israel to Nazis]. The IDF is a moral army who keeps the dignity

Tel Aviv, Israel

RT @kishkushkay: I suppose my 13 machete wounds & butchery of Kristine Luken were just 'legitimate criticism of Israel' too. @Shahjee72 @jeremycorbyn

New York ,London,Tel Aviv

mHealth Israel on LinkedIn surpasses 2400 members. Join the #2 mHealth community on LinkedIn:

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel Book Review: Zion Chocolatier Max Brenner takes on China ציון ...

Tel Aviv, Israel

RT @IsraelHatzolah: MORE: Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades military wing warns Israel to stop its digging work near the border and to halt tunnel finding work.

New York ,London,Tel Aviv

RT @ChcIL_: Il y a à l'heure actuelle 6.000.000 de Juifs en Israël.. Un message puissant envoyé à Hitler... #YomHashoah

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