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RT @SaritaTanwar: 1 lakh reward to find this man who held and kicked this dog mercilessly. Do it 4 the money/because you have a heart.
Only Christians or Muslims can apply for the job in Kerala. Welcome to Islamic Republic of India. Expose by @HKupdate Son  in a 3000 dollar suit fresh cut and got a PHD but he LOOKS like a drug dealer to bill oreilly lol
Sanjeev Kumar, take a bow. #IceBucketChallenge #ThandeThandePaaniSe
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
Luis Suarez being shown the Menu before he enters the pitch..
T 1584 - Shamitabh ... with Dhanush and Akshara .. !! on Twitpic
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RT @hiteshrangra: #CommunistHistorySheeter Stalinists historians spread the big lie


RT @Indiaspeaks2014: #CommunistHistorySheeter THE MARXIST HISTORIANS and their lies busted @KiranKS

Bangalore, India

RT @nanditathhakur: Typical #CommunistHistorySheeter will attack only Hindus but will never dare to do same to Muslims/Christians


RT @vaidehisachin: #CommunistHistorySheeter Communist get rid of undesirable people by killing them,they do not believe in mercy.


#CommunistHistorySheeter Create an Aryan Dravidian theory, divide India on caste lines then say Hinduism divides!


#CommunistHistorySheeter says idol worship is wrong,stupid etc but glorifies the Islam and Christian form of worship!


Bourbaki of history? RT @ivivekbansal: Communist Historian are nothing but The NEXUS OF HISTORY FICTION WRITERS #CommunistHistorySheeter


दंगो में हिन्दू मुस्लिम तो कम मरते हे.. बाप, भाई, माँ, बहने, ज्यादा मर जाते हे... #CommunistHistorySheeter


RT @nanditathhakur: #CommunistHistorySheeter sees problem with Hindus/ Hindu orgs but never find problems in any church / mosques


RT @darrengirl: When Marxists are writing History books that glorify tyrants,this is a GREAT move by Guj BJP #CommunistHistorySheeter



RT @PMOIndia: PM will travel to Jharkhand tomorrow. Here are the details of his visit


RT @AOLSwamiji: I remember #bksiyengar addressing a Yoga Shibir of @SriSri in Pune: 1 st time seeing so many thousands doing Yoga!
RT @BangaloreAshram: Some glimpses of Satsang today with @SriSri @BangaloreAshram