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Rafael Nadal stopped his match so distressed mother could find her missing toddler. What a guy 👏
जैसे सत्याग्रह ने गुलामी से मुक्ति दिलाई, स्वच्छाग्रह गंदगी से मुक्ति दिलाएगा। #MyCleanIndia
WATCH: Full Raj Thackeray interview where he tears into Salman Khan for backing Pakistani artists #PakArtistsBanned
This is not the time for us to be so-called ‘liberal minded’: Suhel Seth #PakArtistsBanned
#SurgicalStrikes by the Indian Army affirms our resolve to defend our country against terrorism. #SaluteToTheArmy
Hafiz Sayeed threatens @ZeeNews for its nationalist coverage. @HafizSaeedNow we are not scared by your theatrics.We…
Listen to me on @RedFMIndia tomorrow at 8:00AM wid @rjraunac.Will talk about my upcoming movie:MSG The Warrior Lion Heart #8DaysToLionHeart
सदन PM को आस्वस्त करता है जो भी कदम भारत की Int/Extrnl सिक्योरिटी के लिए जब जब कदम उठाएंगे हम उनके साथ खड़े है- AK
Millions of red boxes ready to be shipped. One shiny box at a time. #UnboxDiwaliSale @snapdeal
He Did What He Said. Thank you PM @narendramodi 56inch. RT & Spread. #ModiPunishesPak #SurgicalStrike #IndianArmy
Amazing to see how the young generation has embraced Swachha Bharat Mission & made it their own. #MyCleanIndia
प्रधनसेवक @narendramodi जी ने पाकिस्तान को पाकिस्तान की भाषा में करारा जवाब दिया है। जय हो #SaluteToTheArmy
जो कहा सो किया
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Warm welcome by fans in Ahmedabad. Incredible love!! Just #7DaysToLionHeart !! Are you all excited?
Why such an illogical news is being published by your newspaper
राष्ट्रद्रोही, धर्मविरोधी और मानवता का शत्रु है #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
एक के बाद एक संत के ऊपर जूठा आरोप लगा कर उन्हें फसाया जा रहा है।
जिसने आज तक अपने पाठको को सच्चाई से कोसो दूर रखा वह #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar है
Fans in Block Buwan, Haryana conducting Road show for promotion of #7DaysToLionHeart! Enthusiasm on peak, all over!…
पत्रकारिता के नाम पर कलंक है #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
MSG डॉ रॉकस्टार का सबसे EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.. आज दोपहर 1.30 बजे सिर्फ इंडिया न्यूज पर..@Gurmeetramrahim @Inkhabar @thevivekmaurya
#7DaysToLionHeart छोटी-मोटी बीमारी या दर्द के लिए दवाई खाने की बजाए कुछ परहेज रखकर घरेलू नुस्खों से इलाज किया जा सक…
#peaceday International Day of PEACE-PLEDGE!All to end hatred for making PEACEFUL&PROSPEROUS WORLD.Be Earth Angels
अब आया ऊंट पहाड के नीचे!
देश मे लाखो लोगों ने उठाई
#अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar पर बैन लगाने की मांग।
नाम में तो भास्कर, काम समाज में अँधेरा फैलाना #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
सिर्फ झूठ और फरेब का संग्रह। चरित्र हीनता का सबसे बड़ा उदाहरण #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
मै दैनिक भास्कर अखबार हुँ
देश के आगे शर्मसार हुँ,
क्योंकि झूठ का करता व्यापार हुँ।
Super excited fans conducting Promotional rallies! Just #7DaysToLionHeart to hit the screens for enlightening & ent…
Why Government is Not taking Strict and Suitable Legal Action for #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
A Pakistani who is now an Indian. And an Indian who is a Pakistani with an Indian passport
Getting the war paint on @snapdeal! #UnboxDiwaliSale
फ़ौजी के बेताब हाथ की, खुजली सी कम होने दो
आज शहीद की माँ, विधवा को घोड़े बेच के सोने दो!
क़र्ज़ वसूल!…
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WATCH: Full Raj Thackeray interview where he tears into Salman Khan for backing Pakistani artists #PakArtistsBanned

RT @Ambar_Baloch1: India has more true talent than Pakistan, so why Bollywood is wasting its money on fake Pakistani artists, #PakArtistsBanned


RT @girishalva: Fawad Khan reached Pak & says Nation comes first! Shame on our own artists! Money comes first? #PakArtistsBanned

Gurgaon, India

RT @SumitSinghJoon: @BeingSalmanKhan We love you but love for India is above all! #PakArtistsBanned

Gurgaon, India

#PakArtistsBanned That's the respect our soldiers and martyred soldiers families deserves from everyone.


To support Atif u @BeingSalmanKhan abused #ArijitSingh #PakArtistsBanned #BollywoodSleeperCell

Gurgaon, India

Pak Artist tax money >> Pak Govt>> Pak Army & ISI>> JeM & LeT & Separatist >> Blood of Indians @TimesNow @BeingSalmanKhan #PakArtistsBanned

Gurgaon, India

#PakArtistsBanned Top Jewish body writes to PM Modi and bacs India his full supports.


RT @MNSRajThackeray: Strong Efforts Of MNS Along With The Commons Of The Nation Brought Victory On Ground Levels,Time To Check Internal PIGS #PakArtistsBanned


#PakArtistsBanned: Why not Ban these Khans who are speaking against India? I would urge all Nationalists to Boycott their movies.


RT @tiapakhii: May be we can wait for Mr. Being Human to become Mr. Being Indian for the time call #PakArtistsBanned @BeingSalmanKhan

Gurgaon, India


WATCH: Full Raj Thackeray interview where he tears into Salman Khan for backing Pakistani artists #PakArtistsBanned






Getting the war paint on @snapdeal! #UnboxDiwaliSale