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Software Testing Training in Gurgaon Delhi NCR - #Gurgaon http://t.co/9x5BjmGoaW

Gurgaon, India

I guess Delhi has decided to skip summer and go back to the monsoons..Good morning On that note :)

Gurgaon | India

Reached delhi and woke up to pages full of AAP potential split and how they are same as any another party. I... http://t.co/wAycqKhBLS


RT @snsachinnandu: The astounding and stupendous altruism that Delhi editors have displayed towards the new party wud create air of suspicion anywhere. Stinky!

#EndVVIPRaj: A war cry! Debating tonight on @thenewshour: How long will these VVIPs crush India? #ActionBeginsHere http://t.co/yHCBOAPwIx
Join the @TimesNow campaign to #EndVVIPRaj. Shout out loud as India wont tolerate it anymore #ActionBeginsHere http://t.co/ZqQDhjLwN2
How much will YOU suffer? Action will begin only if you say NO. #EndVVIPRaj #ActionBeginsHere http://t.co/62kYjLb1HP


In her first TV interview Mehbooba Mufti defends her fathers credit to Pakistan &militants for peaceful polls. http://t.co/RdyUakRnaa


Under the guidance of PM @narendramodi , Chhattiisagarh Govt. was able to complete 99% of its targets. http://t.co/jhsDik8KxI