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RT @Manekagandhibjp: PM Narendra Modi only world leader in Barack Obama’s DNC introduction video via NMApp

Mangalore, India

Modi govt gives Adani Rs 16 billion to build India's first transshipment port

Mangalore, Karnataka, India

RT @coolfunnytshirt: modi ji causing rain and gurugram water logging to drown me! : Kejri


RT @ggiittiikkaa: Marry someone who is as obsessed about u as 1)Kejriwal is with Modi 2)Barkha is with Arnab ....& die of suffocation

Mangalore, India

The Rising Tide of Intolerance in Narendra Modi’s India

Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Modi the Only World Leader in Film On Obama's Accomplishments

Mangalore, India

RT @RealHistoryPic: Arvind Kejriwal with Bhagwant Mann keeping an eye on Modi's movement in order to evade an assassination,Delhi.(2016)

Mangalore, India

RT @DaaruBaazMehta: No Outrage? Oh its in BJP Ruled #Gurugram i.e. #SmartCiy of Modi Govt.

Mangalore, India

Security agencies have advised PM Modi to speak from within bulletproof enclosure on Independence Day: Report


PM Modi Phones CM Siddaramaiah to Pep Him up -

Mangalore, India






Roads towards electronic city flooded #Bangalore #rains


Sonia Gandhis spectacular work on inflation. Too bad Rahul didnt get this from speech writer.