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Proud of you @bdutt and Congress
My Interview to @RajatSharmaLive
Jo insaan ke liye hai impossible, Y.A.R.O banata hai possible! Dekhiye #YAROKaTashan aaj 7.30 pm #YAROonSABTonight
Mummy ki har baat manta hai, papa ki aankhon ka taara hai. Aa raha hai aaj shaam 7.30 baje #YAROKaTashan.
Y.A.R.O ke hain kuch anokha andaaz. Dekhiye kya hai iss robot ka raaz. #YAROKaTashan aaj 7.30 pm #YAROonSABTonight
It seems as if policemen have been given orders to arrest AAP MLAs in garb of investigation: Sanjay Hegde
BJP MP Bahadur Singh Koli caught slapping toll guard on camera
Click on the screen and take a screenshot when the Anew fits the shape. Share your screenshot with #ANewYou.
Very nice very nice very nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zindagi hogi masti se bhari jab saath hoga #YAROKaTashan. Bataiye kaisi lagi aapko yeh dhun? #YAROonSABTonight
ALLEGEDLY video clip of Yasin Malik misbehaving with bar dancer in Pak & getting beaten up for it. Is it really him?
He is Pakistan's best TV reporter. Very tough to follow the standards set by him.
On Kargil Vijay Diwas, #MSGsalutes the courage and sacrifice of martyrs who protected the Nations's glory!
Must Watch! Actions against AAP MLAs are certainly excessive and makes one suspect the motives: Arati Jerath
On #KargilVijayDiwas Nation will pay homage to martyrs of Indian Army but #HafizKiBarkha will feel pain of defeat.
Shots fired #HafizKiBarkha
A terrorist with $10 Million US bounty on his head praising an Indian Journalist.Madam, Aaj Khush To Bahut Hoge Tum
It's a BJP Sponsored Auto strike Why police protection not given even after informing? - @SatyendarJain
ये वो ही @SwatiJaiHind है जिसने निर्भया के लिए लाठी खायी आज उसी पर एफआईआर
BJP MP Bahadur Singh Koli slapping toll guard. He is not from AAP, so not yet arrested
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Bow down to the selfless heroes of our country on #KargilVijayDiwas
We r at peace only bcoz of ur efforts&sacrifices
Women raped daily in Delhi. No security for them despite repeated requests. But PM providing security to his friends
Had a great meal with these champions! Sunglasses game on point here 😎
Good friends create good memories! #Grateful
When base of case is BOGUS & FAKE, then Y is there a delay in giving justice to Asaram Bapu Ji? #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
A cameo I had a ball shooting.Wishing all the luck to my friends Sajid,John,Varun & Jacky!Pack a punch with #Dishoom
Kargil Vijay Diwas. Nothing but admiration, love and respect for all our armed forces. #NeverForget #JaiHind
Simplicity of a huge superstar.Checking in at at an airport in the US for India.Respect for your humility- Rajnikant
1999 :: Indian Army Soldiers After Recapturing Tiger Hill. Indian Flag Flying High on Tiger Hill #KargilVijayDiwas
#OperationVijay #KargilVijayDiwas
IAF dropped a bomb named after Raveena Tandoon,As Nawaz Shariff had said Raveena is his favorite actress
Today in 2005:heavy rains brought Mumbai to a standstill for over 2 days after it received 39.17" of rain in 24 hrs!
Our flag does not move because the wind moved it. It flies with the breath of each soldiers who died protecting it.
Art of Living Soudhamini Campus given highest Platinum Award for Global Leadership in Environment & Energy Practices
My salute to the brave sons of Bharat Mata who brought victory to our nation and created history.
First Couple of India thanking an employee for providing Security in order to protect taxpayers money.(2016) what say @gsurya @priyankac19 @sanjaynirupam
Because your life is more precious than the money you pay for the fuel #SafetyFirst
Paid my tributes to the brave martyrs on Kargil Vijay Diwas.
#kargilvijaydiwas is about triumph, victory & patriotism. It is also about sacrifice, loss & tragedy. Jai Hind. 🙏
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RT @aapdelhincr: #InquiryOnPM जब से भारतीय जनता पार्टी की सरकार आई है, तब से दलितों पर अत्याचार हो रहे है- @SanjayAzadSln

Andheri West, Mumbai

RT @neerumahi1: According to the constitution, every citizen is equal, so enquiry also has to be equally done. #InquiryOnPM


#inquiryonpm is now trending in #Mumbai

Mumbai, India

RT @AskAnshul: AAP has no idea that Bhagwat Mann did a blunder mistake (may be intentionally) n instead sack, AAP supporting him by #InquiryOnPM new drama


RT @aapdelhincr: #InquiryOnPM अगर संसद मे भाजपा , कांग्रेस या किसी और पार्टी के सांसद भी शराब पीकर जाते है उनके खिलाफ भी कारवाई हो

Andheri West, Mumbai

Bhai ye dhongi PM se sirf bakchodi hogi. Time waste na karo.. #ModiMuktBharat banao. #InquiryOnPM


RT @AamAadmiParty: .@bhagwantmann demands #InquiryOnPM for compromising national security by hosting Pakistan's ISI in Pathankot.


Coz these are d people who bankroll Good for nothings like Modi. Maalik ka khayal toh rakhna hoga na😂😂 #InquiryOnPM


RT @honesty_4india: देश की सुरक्षा को दांव पे लगाकर isi के दुश्मनो को पठानकोट में निरिक्षण कराकर जो pm ने पाप किया हे उसकी भी इंक्वाइरी कराओ #InquiryOnPM

Bhayander mumbai..

Areyyy Paglu @narendramodi .....ChiLLLLLLLLLL #InquiryOnPM