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Shameful...BSP goons r asking a Father to 'Pesh Karo' his 12 yr old daughter in front of them #BSPInsultsWomen
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RT WithCongress "#27SaalUPBehal"
Anti-Social powers are trying to frame innocent Asaram Bapu Ji by POCSO Misuse! #WhyJusticeDelayed
Who will return back 3 years of torture/defamation, if Asaram BapuJi is found to be INNOCENT? #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
अन्याय से लड़ कर न्याय की जीत होगी। #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
For all the things that stay within us, long after we cease to live them.
Dr.Swamy said after thorough analysis-Case on Asaram Bapuji is totally bogus #WhyJusticeDelayed
That girl projected a sheer fake story to frame INNOCENT Asaram Bapu Ji #WhyJusticeDelayed
#Dhishoomontkss @TheJohnAbraham @Varun_dvn @Asli_Jacqueline @SonyTV tonight 9 pm. Dont miss the fun 🎤📺🕘
Why so much delay in giving bail to Asaram Bapu Ji?
 Nation urges judiciary! #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
Join team Congress as we kick off a 3day bus yatra to highlight failures of successive Govts in UP. #27SaalUPBehal
Without investigation, innocent Asaram Bapu Ji is kept in jail. Is it fair? #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
ऊना मामला: राहुल से मिलने के लिए दलित पीड़ित की फर्जी मां बन गई महिला @OfficeOfRG
पिछले ३ सालों में, साम्प्रदायिक हिंसा के सबसे ज्यादा मामले उत्तर प्रदेश में #27SaalUPBehal
Demand of each & every aware citizen of India= Justice to INNOCENT Asaram Bapu Ji #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
Truly UNFAIR!!
GUNEHGAR paye bail, par NIRDOSH Asaram Bapu Ji ko jail! #WhyJusticeDelayed
Dr. Subramanian Swamy - ‘The case against Asaram Bapu Ji is completely bogus.’ #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
Asaram Bapu Ji is wrongly framed by POCSO Misuse!
#WeUrgeBailForBapuji  -Make Legal System reliable!
Salutations to the visionary Lokmanya Tilak who guided us by the mantra of Swarajyaduring Indian freedom struggle!
Millions of people know the reality of bogus case on Innocent Asaram Bapu Ji. #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
S. Swamy- Asaram Bapu Jis case is 100% false & bogus, it is a conspiracy #WeUrgeBailForBapuji
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@AAPNewsAlert @ArvindKejriwal modiji ka naam liya hi tune...achha kiya wrna pet khrab ho jata tera...

Nagpur, Maharashtra

RT @DrGPradhan: Map of India as viewed from the eyes of ISI Sponsored Natwarlal Shri 420 Nautankibaaz CM of India @ArvindKejriwal

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@ArvindKejriwal क़ाबली का कैसा हाल चाल है


RT @vikaskyogi: Five MRI, 10 CT scan machines for city hospitals: @ArvindKejriwal

Nagpur, India

@RifatJawaid @ArvindKejriwal Just wearing tie suit and reading a speech doesn't do for abolishing comunalism or atrocities

Nagpur maharashtra

@RifatJawaid @ArvindKejriwal @ Very sad Rifat sabh you are there to depict figure and Arvind to get retweet, what have you done to retrieve

Nagpur maharashtra

RT @pratik_singhvi: @ArvindKejriwal please give your #Kabali reviews so that we can decide whether to watch #Madaari or #Kabali. We're not as free as you are.

nagpur, india

RT @ArvindKejriwal: .@irrfank मदारी, छा गए गुरु। Amazing movie. Everyone MUST watch it

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@RealHistoryPic @ArvindKejriwal दिन भर भौकने वाले कुत्ते (खुजलीवाल)से तो अच्छा ही है घोडा 😂😂😂😂

nagpur maharashtra

@arvindkejriwal @irrfank hahaha bc sultan nai dekhi tune aur madari second day pe 😜

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Pakistan has never given blessings to Kashmir, only gave terrorists :Sushma Swaraj on Nawaz Sharif blessing Kashmir
Singing the national anthem is the best feeling ever. Thank you #prokabadi #india
Pro kabadi goes #dishoom 29 th July
#Dhishoomontkss @TheJohnAbraham @Varun_dvn @Asli_Jacqueline @SonyTV tonight 9 pm. Dont miss the fun 🎤📺🕘







Singing the national anthem is the best feeling ever. Thank you #prokabadi #india