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RT @IIFA Awards host @shahidkapoor & @FarOutAkhtar sharing their love for IIFA & Spain! #IIFA2016
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#5thHinduAdhiveshan - Refute the threat of ReligiousConversion intellectually Hindu issues
#5thHinduAdhiveshan - HinduRashtra is the only solution to resolve all these Hindu issues
What are our options as activists to prevent cow slaughter #5thHinduAdhiveshan
This temple management spent donations on 7 star hotels! #5thHinduAdhiveshan
#5thHinduAdhiveshan - DoYouKnow Solutions For Protection Of Cows
Islamic University in Tirupati!
#5thHinduAdhiveshan - CowSlaughter : A conspiracy to destroy the seat of faith of Hindus
किसानों के लिए मोदी सरकार के पास पैसा नहीं है,फसल बीमा के 5 और 25 रुपये का चेक देकर किसान का मजाक बनाया जा रहा है
One desi cow can generate enough money to sustain one family ! SaveCows #5thHinduAdhiveshan
#5thHinduAdhiveshan Islamic Jihad is a big threat to Bharat : Shri. Upanand Brahmachari -
President Rajendra Prasad presenting the Bharat Ratna to C. Rajagopalachari, 27 Jan, 1955
दिल्ली बिजली पानी को लेकर बेहाल है, केजरीवाल चेहरा चमकाने के लिए 200 करोड़ खर्च करने की तैयारी कर रहे हैं
Swamy Bites the BJP, Says Modi & Ministers Look like Waiters In Coat. Ouch! 😂
Modi jis foreign policy has been consistently inconsistent. #FailedModiDiplomacy
#5thHinduAdhiveshan - HinduRashtra is the only way to stop the destruction of India
#5thHinduAdhiveshan Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is doing a wonderful job – Mahant Ichchhagiri Maharaj
The govts decision to allow FDI up to 74% will hit affordable healthcare in the country.
Unlike other leaders who make long speeches and attack us, we believe in development and delivering on promises.
SAY NO TO Donation मप्र @nsui द्वारा छात्र हिट में त्वरित एवं प्रभावी कदम उठाया जायेगा। हम आपके साथ है।
#5thHinduAdhiveshan LoveJihad is Not Fiction, But a Chilling Reality WakeUpHindus
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RT @FaridaPatel: Modi ji visited Brazil It opposed India Modi ji visited Ireland It opposd India Modi ji visited Turkey It opposd India #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, India

RT @OfficeOfRG: NSG: How to lose a negotiation by Narendra Modi #FailedModiDiplomacy


RT @Joydas: Shame on Nehru for refusing UNSC Permanent seat that was never offered. #FailedModiDiplomacy his fault #ChinaExposed


RT @SarveshNayakINC: #भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, India

RT @SarveshNayakINC: #भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

RSS HQ, Nagpur

RT @SarveshNayakINC: #भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, India

RT @SarveshNayakINC: #भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, India

RT @SarveshNayakINC: #भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur - Delhi - Nagpur

#भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

RT @KunalChoudhary_: NSG मुद्दे पर कई देश प्रमुखों ने मोदी जी के साथ वही कर दिया, जो मोदी जी ने देश की जनता के साथ किया - वादा खिलाफी ! #FailedModiDiplomacy

Nagpur, India




Do you remember @iamsrks first video tweet, SRK was 1st Indian On Twitter Video ! #24GoldenYearsOfKingKhan


#भक्तो_सूजी_है #FailedModiDiplomacy