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So called 4th Pillar of our Nation is now trying to demolish laws by defaming innocent Saints #IBN7_Media420
Why the BIASED media has always been MISLEADING viewers against Asaram Bapu Ji @Swamy39 Shares facts #IBN7_Media420
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Come we introduce u PAID MEDIA-
Highly disregard TRUTH
PaidMedia ashamed due to fake trial run on Nityanand Ji! Still baseless defamation of Asaram Bapu Ji! #IBN7_Media420
Declaring anyone guilty before the court verdict through media trial leads to huge destruction ! #IBN7_Media420
@IndiaToday Indian media is 




#ANTI #Hindutva 

even google knows it

Chahbahar and Gujarat : A Win-Win

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What a performance. Big Game, Pressure Situation & the best in the world, @ABdeVilliers17, delivers like no one else
We will explore legal options to stop #NIA from glorifying terrorists & defaming martyr #CongressSaluteKarkare
India, Iran and Afghanistan: deepening connectivity.

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आखिर IBN7 ने अपने आपको झूठा साबित कर ही दिया। लोगो को गुमराह करने वाला चैनल एक्सपोज़ हो चूका है।
Jodhpur Case Update: 24th May.
A historic Era of Port-led Development

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पूर्व IPS डीजी वंजाराजी ने 22 मई को #Vadodara में कहा Bapuji सनातन हिन्दू धर्म के रक्षक है
Find the difference between the prostitute and #Prostitutes 
Hope,  #IBN7_Media420 will help you find !!
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India roars: Stop cheating us PaidMedia! Stop defaming innocent Asaram Bapu Ji! #IBN7_Media420
Corrupt journalists of PaidMedia, have NO right 2 defame innocent Asaram Bapu Ji! #IBN7_Media420
Our 4th Pillar of Democracy has itself damaged the Democracy of INDIA! #IBN7_Media420
किसी भी जांच पड़ताल के बिना मीडिया का जज बनकर किसी को भी दोषी घोषित करना जुर्म कहलाना चाहिए ! #IBN7_Media420
Declaring anyone guilty before the court verdict through media trial leads to huge destruction ! #IBN7_Media420

RT @AashutoshNS: बलूचों को अब गुलामी बर्दाश्त नहीं... देखिए पाक पर हमला करेगा बलूचिस्तान ! खबरों में खास, आज शाम 7:30 बजे #IBN7 पर

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PaidMedia cheating viewers by misusing ‘Consumer Psychology’ We support Asaram Bapu Ji! #IBN7_Media420