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Yaaran Di Gaadi Mr Baby
AIB: Alia Bhatt - Genius of the Year
Storyboard - 29 August 2014 - 03 - GSK-CH Relaunches Horlicks
Keep Calm and Make Some Noise!
Llourinho's post on Vine - Llourinho's post on Vine - Llourinho's post on Vine
Trending New Delhi Images BRILLIANT!! Well done gents #GentlemenOfTheRoad
Indias PV Sindhu beats world No. 2 Shixian Wang to enter the semi-finals of World #Badminton Championships.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

हमारी यही प्रार्थना है की संकटमोचन आपके सभी संकट छूमंतर कर दें.
Just wanna say the biggest/fattest happy 21st birthday to my brother @fakeliampayne , I love you bro and i cant wait to celebrate it with you!  We have waited for this, since that first trip we ever made to America , please make use of it, coz I will if you dont!  Love you brother have a great day
So 2day my kids did the "rice bucket challenge!"filled up groceries 4 the girls orphanage with their piggy bank money
Dr. Khan, of Sierra Leone, was invited to spend the summer at Harvard, but he stayed to fight Ebola. He died at 39.
These leaflets were giving out years ago in Luton urging Muslims to groom Sikh girls
For a moment, I read this TV hashtag as something else.
I thought this was just a usual funny thing from AAP, but it is much more @_@
PIC: Angel Di Maria in action at the Aon Training Complex this afternoon. #mufc
@mediacrooks FYI -->
Mapa světa ze zanesenými zařízeními, která jsou připojená k internetu: #internet
#ISIS in Balochistan – Hinglaj Mata (Shakti Peethas) remains at high risk after ISI Jihadists threaten to destroy it.
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Why Japan's Abe and India's Modi are Asia's new best friends - Yahoo News #mumbai

New Delhi, India

RT @ndtv: PM Narendra Modi leaves for Japan


#INSubcontinent Ecroaker:; ZeeNews : BJP credits Modi for hik #INSubcontinent INSubcontinent #Tweet


RT @singhsd2006: India not revisiting its nuclear doctrine, Modi assures Japan via @timesofindia


RT @BabaGlocal: How could you not bump into some real-life bigoted bhakts. Modi Bhakti + Muslim hate experienced first hand near the temple. Uff.


First quarter 2014-15 growth rate at 5.7% the fastest in the last 9 quarters. Can our secular media feel the Modi effect?

NCR, Delhi, India

Indian economy warms in after-glow of Modi's triumph via @reuters

New Delhi, India

RT @dna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on Japan visit; expects to open new vistas in bilateral ties

new delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves for Japan: The only other visit he made abroad after assuming the top post...

New Delhi

今日は私たちの首相は、日本幸運を来ている narendra modi

new Delhi


Dirty tricks of BJP again exposed . Offered Kumar Vishwas to break AAP and Be CM .
T 1595 - Jai dev jai dev, jai mangal murti ...!! on Twitpic


RT @RITURATHAUR: Does this solve the biggest of Mysteries? Why the whole of HINDU Media is so Anti-Hindu? Via @ivivekbansal