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Rashtriya Ekta Divas: A Tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man Of India
INC India's post on Vine - हिन्दू हो, मुसलमान हो, सिख हो, पारसी हो, ईसाई हो - सबको यही समझना चाहिए की यही हमारा मुल्क है - #SardarPatel #IronLeadersofINC - INC India's post on Vine - Aapki Zindagi ka Soundtrack
INC India's post on Vine - जब तक मुझमें सांस है, तब तक सेवा ही नहीं जाएगी : Smt. #IndiraGandhi #IronLeadersofINC - INC India's post on Vine
INC India's post on Vine - एक एक का ख़ून कतरा जितना मेरा है, वह एक एक ख़ून -इस भारत को जीवित करेगा - Smt. #IndiraGandhi #IronLeadersofINC - INC India's post on Vine
Nakhriley Song - Kill Dil #Nakhriley
PM Modi attending Devendra Fadnavis's swearing-in ceremony as Maharashtra CM
Being Aware - The Boobs Song
Penguin Books India's post on Vine - Part 7: Find out more in @SardesaiRajdeep's book. #WhatsInMyBook #2014 Preorder: - Penguin Books India's post on Vine
Rajiv Gandhi's Appeal for Peace after the Assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi, Oct 31, 1984
Water Your Body, Green Tea, Hair Spray and More!)
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wow. loved it. wedding card. via @KabirTaneja
1948 :Nizam of Hyderabad Surrenders to Sardar Patel #malnourishedNizam
The horror! RT @TheUnRealTimes We have many #ScaryStoriesIn5Words. Heres a #ScaryStoryin5Pics (via @ajayendar)
@minhazmerchant ...and while bukhari enjoys his title, the family that gave it him languishes...
And for this .. RajivG was given Bharat Ratna
@Emergenza24 UPDATE: @BBCBreaking 
Dramatic pictures show fire at Radio France headquarters in Paris.
@highercause После уничтожения Антареса ответка из Индии: "Это хрен знает что,а не космонавтика.Мы можем лучше"
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Didn't understand why people has problem whem nation remembered Sri Sardar Patel... because of him we indians are living in peace ful india

New Delhi

RT @ANI_news: Narmada (Gujarat): Earlier today, CM Anandiben Patel marked the beginning of construction work for Statue of Unity

New Delhi

Four facts about Sardar Patel that Modi would find disappointing

New Delhi

RT @anandhalve: If Sardar Patel said ban RSS (which was lifted), MK Gandhi had said the Congress should be disbanded. Forget the past people, look ahead.

New Delhi India

RT @ambekarbabita: When visiting Gujarat, see the impeccable Sardar Patel Memorial at Karamsad and read about his life first hand...

New Delhi

RT @ARangarajan1972: Sardar Patel united 565 states and 400 million diverse people in 6 months. That was the man he was. India is blessed to have him as her son.

New Delhi

Sardar Patel is the best PM we NEVER had. He is the father of India,the India we know. #LegacyFaceoff

New Delhi

RT @IndiaSpeaksPR: People who call South Indians as Madrasis, North-Easterners as Chinkis & treat Biharis as illegal immigrants don't deserve a Sardar Patel

New Delhi

RT @narendramodi: Received personal belongings of Sardar Patel! These are important parts of India's heritage.

new delhi

RT @narendramodi: Sardar Patel's life is a journey of deep-rooted courage, dedication & service to the Motherland. He is truly the architect of Modern India.

new delhi