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Gang of Muslim men beat up a woman somewhere in Europe. White Western feminists will pretend this never happened.
A look at the medicine ATM in #Delhi - @ArvindKejriwal @livemint @capitalcalculus @mint_ed
WATCH | LG is hell bent on stopping all the work being done by Delhi government: @SatyendarJain
By removing secretaries in the department of health & PWD, Modi has attacked delhi through LG #ModiStopsDevelopment
AAP Leader @SanjayAzadSln welcomes Former Congress leader Jagmeet Singh Brar's offer to extend support for 2017.
Kohinoor & Bharti r my occasional morning walk friends. Have decided to make their dreams come true.:) #AnupamCares
@ArvindKejriwal with a 'non-VIP' culture display... RESPECT!!! Aaaaakthuuuu...
Wonderful performace!!! Well done! Congratulations to all the fantastic players of #TRLFinalMatch. Amazing scores!👌
MUST WATCH PM Modi is halting Development thru LG Jung - @msisodia cc @ArvindKejriwal #ModiStopsDevelopment
Must Watch & RT Nailed,Busted & Exposed #kejriwalkejhooth Vowed To End VIPCulture B4 Election @ArvindKejriwal
This the reality in UP under SP. A child dies in his father's hands as Govt hospital denies him admission.
BJP MLA Narendra Mehta's wife rams her two-day old Lambhorgini into an auto near Mumbai. Nobody hurt.
#BaarBaarDekho Retro style !@BaarBaarDekho_ #KatrinaKaif
PM Modi had a problem with PWD & Health secretaries as they did good work in their respective departments: @msisodia
A glance at the medicine ATM in Delhi Mohalla Clinic. #DelGovFlash @SatyendarJain
AAP Government to organize Shramik Samwad on 1 september at Talkatora Stadium to discuss the issue of minimum wage
#Jaipur Metro station got #flashmob by our #KalaChashma @BaarBaarDekho_
Finally it's time to announce I've signed for @Arsenal! Can't wait to play for this great club! ⚽🔴⚪ #GunnerShkodran
Introducing my new book 'Love Bi The Way'. I thank all the people who've fought to prove that love has #NoBoundaries
I hope to see more of those dance moves @Arsenal soon... 👊💃😅 @MustafiOfficial @mertesacker #GermanGunners
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आज सुबह पता चला की मेरा olympic medal upgrade हो कर Silver medal हो गया है। ये मेडल भी देशवासियों को समर्पित हैं🇮🇳
Volunteers enjoying divine bliss in Jazba-e-Sewadar Rubru Night.Wonderful cultural program! #MSGblessing to everyone
A chance for you to win a trip to Hong Kong! Watch the video & answer using #HongKongWithMMT
RT aapdelhincr: #ModiStopsDevelopment

CM of Delhi rises against tyranny over people and consecutive murders of de…
How PM Modi is breaking silos in governance to form an effective development plan
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My heartiest tribute 2 hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand on his 111th birth anniversary 2day.Happy National Sports Day
एलजी नजीब जंग ने इस आदेश से पूरी दिल्ली सरकार पर अधिकार ले लिया है। चुने हुए प्रतिनिधि एक ट्रांसफर तक नहीं कर सकते।
After removing Delhi Vidhan Sabha Secretary, LG is contemplating to remove Delhi Vidhan Sabha Speaker now.
This baby girl child reportedly found at Gondia(Maharashtra) railway station. Please share & RT
Read peoples comments on the App, on how their teachers influenced them. Sharing some. #MyTeacherMyInspiration
LG नजीब जंग ने मोहल्ला क्लिनिक और सस्ते फ्लाईओवर बनाने वाले अधिकारियों को हटाया। #मोदी_का_दिल्ली_की_जनता_से_बदला
Some days you get Dratini and others r like chai without cheeni….
Tourism Minister of India, Dr Mahesh Sharma measuring the skirt length of tourists at the Airport checkpoint.(2016)
Happy Birthday, Warren. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like you.
जिस अफसर पर एक्शन के लिए @msisodia ने लिखा था उसको LG साहब ने स्वास्थ सचिव बनाया #सज़ा_के_बदले_मज़ा #अघोषित_आपातकाल
Sir @KenRoth uve used pics frm a protest by docs & paramedics to claim its pellet injuries of civilians in Kashmir ?
SAUNI: PM Narendra Modi’s alertness saved lives of cameramen/photographers

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"Aye Babu Bhaiya,Woh Jhaad Ke Upar Raju baitha hai Kya?" Missing Raju @Cinematic Tourism Meet @Ahmedabad #HeraPheri
Close shave for DD Cameraman as PM alerts him to move spot just as water was released at Aji Dam in Jamnagar, Guj.
Mohalla clinic: AAP offers affordable healthcare model at doorstep
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RT @abhi_376: @ArvindKejriwal सर #Modi,#Modi रटना छोढ दिल्ली सम्हालै वरना कल आपकी बेटी भी ईन गूण्डो द्वार कँही सडको जली मिलेगी😡😡

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RT @abhi_376: Dear @twitter please check the #audit #report and #Delete #Fake #Account @ArvindKejriwal😆😂😂 #copycat 😆😂😂

New Delhi, India

RT @mssirsa: We had invited @ArvindKejriwal to come for this photo exhibition and defend his promises; but he had no words to say

Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

RT @HaryanaNewsline: .@_YogendraYadav 's open letter to Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

तबादलों को लेके जंग और सी.एम में ठनी, "मोदी दिल्ली को बर्बाद करने पर तुले", बोले @ArvindKejriwal

New Delhi, India

RT @ParmilaTokas: डेंगू से बचाओ .. आज आर के पुरम विधानसभा के सेकटर छ मे घर घर जाकर फोगिंग कराई @ArvindKejriwal @DrKumarVishwas

New Delhi

RT @Nesenag: All these journalists who act as lickspittles & get RTed by @ArvindKejriwal have been appointed in college boards

New Delhi, India

RT @GauravPandhi: ...Delhi voted for @ArvindKejriwal not to know why he can't deliver but for the governance. No lessons learned from last year's outbreak?

Shahdara,New Delhi India

RT @ArvindKejriwal: Let an independent 3 member committee scrutinize all files cleared by Modiji also n lets compare the results

New Delhi

RT @sonaliranade: Modi ji has systematically hobbled the government of @arvindkejriwal in Delhi in every possible way.

New Delhi


Testimony of one of the Mohalla clinic set up by AAP in Delhi Thanks @ArvindKejriwal for fulfilling ur promise


Kejriwal Ke Jhooth Finally it is evident to the people of #Delhi and others as well !!
A different kind of record to the name of @ArvindKejriwal - maximum lies and false promises - Kejriwal Ke jhooth!