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My open video message for #ArnabGoswami from Adelaide. Jai Ho, Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai.:) @TimesNow
Award winning #PsychoKejriwal song ever!! RT for fun
I am ready for all sacrifices even for my life also as this is second Independence war I m wid you @ArvindKejriwal
मुझे बेहद खुशी हुई कि दिल्ली की छात्राओं ने #Chunauti2018 की एहमियत पर नुक्कड़ नाटक तैयार किया है|
Must Watch! No action has been taken against BJP MLAs with a criminal record: @raghav_chadha
Thug Life : Amit Shah Vs Rahul Kanwal
Today in 1990, India reqd 24 runs to save follow on at @HomeOfCricket. Kapil Dev then did this! cc @virendersehwag
Ashok Singh, husband of Soni Mishra exposes AAP.It is nothing but a party of goons.
Just saw a dream. via @AntiqueChhori
EPIC series of tweets now in Audio/Video. .
DrugLord Majithia EXPOSED by @SanjayAzadSln
Shivraj Singh Chauhan asking a cow if they're happy with the action taken by Party Members, Mandsaur, MP (2016)
Do you remember the year we started our Note journey? Tweet & win a Samsung Powerbank. #TheNextGalaxy #Day1 #Contest
हम ऑटो चलाना चाहते हैं, रोड पर कुछ लोग तोड़फोड़ कर रहे हैं लेकिन पुलिस कोई सुरक्षा नहीं दे रही : ऑटो चालक
Thug Life : Arnab Vs Barkha
देखिये किस तरह #भाजपा कार्यकर्त्ता @ArvindKejriwal को गोली मारने की धमकी दे रहे है, #ModiJiArrestMeToo
Massive protests break out in #PoK against rigged elections held on July 21, locals not allowed to vote
Hearty Message by .@ArvindKejriwal कुर्बानी देने के लिए त्यार हो ;( Those who Mock AAP don't know what's at Stake ;(
Major Gaurav Arya Tight Slaps Barkha Dutt Over Burhan Wani
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Stop being jealous of other’s success rather work hard & get ur goal; pray for everyone. #MSGsaysLeaveJealousy
On 77th Anniversary Day of @crpfindia we salute CRPF personnel for their fortitude & key role in our security system
#MSGsaysLeaveJealousy दूसरों की सफलता देखकर जलें ना बल्कि मेहनत करें व अपने लक्ष्य को पायें; प्रभु से सबका भला मांगे
Pics-   Delegation from University of Southern California visits Mohalla Clinic/Polyclinic
Young ppl drunk around liquor shop opened by AAP in Kotla.Liquor sale doubled in Delhi.Will make Punjab Nasha mukt?!
When you see this picture it angers you so much that you want to grab the stick and beat the man beating the Dalits.
Fake cases Vs Shankaracharya ji & innocent Bapuji 2 degrade Hinduism! Hindus Get UNITED! #आंदोलन_ToSaveHinduism
NityanandJi framed in fake assault case! Conspiracy against Hindu Saints 2 degrade Hinduism ! #आंदोलन_ToSaveHinduism
जो कहा सो किया, अम्बेडकर यूनिवर्सिटी के कर्मपुरा कैंपस के रूप में दिल्ली में एक नया कॉलेज शुरू!
Delegation from University of Southern California visits Mohalla Clinic/Polyclinic
Delegation lauds the clinics
Defamation of Asaram Bapuji-Biggest conspiracy against Hinduism! #आंदोलन_ToSaveHinduism before its too late!
Education as social revolution! SMC Members going door2door, telling parents abt 1st-ever PTM in DelhiGovt schools.
Team Bus is where we have a lot of great moments as a team 😎
There is no doubt that BapuJi is pure like the sun and the world will eventually will know.. #आंदोलन_ToSaveHinduism
Happy Bday Sir Gary Sobers.The way u destroyed opposition with ur batting& bowling they wud hav never said u r Sober
West Bengal CM @MamataOfficial  called on her Delhi Counterpart @ArvindKejriwal at the latters residence in Delhi
Private schools have to take permission before increasing fees, rules High Court

Be the friendly bee,,  to see who u can be...!
╭┈GD,⊰❀ MØRNING❤ ✜
I was right, Modi importing 7 Billion Dollar Arms to kill me
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RT @TheDesiLord: Wah! @ArvindKejriwal u now have supporters across the border too! Bravo! @Swamy39 @DrGPradhan #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal

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#ModiJiArrestMeToo. Delhi police arresting yugpurush kejriwal ji. #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal

new Delhi

RT @TheDesiLord: @TrollKejri #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal let's trend

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RT @prabin1206: #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal सुबह शाम मोदी मोदी करके करता रहा बवाल बस एक महिला का नाम ले कर छा गई मालिवाल। .@ArvindKejriwal

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RT @MissTiiq: #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal आशुतोष के प्यारे मोगू ने किया धोका.केजरीवाल सदमे मे. मोदी के दिए हुए मफ्लर से गला दबाते हुए

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RT @AthenaAtWar1: Explain this! @aapdelhincr @AamAadmiParty @ArvindKejriwal #ModijiArrestMeToo #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal #मानसिक_रोगी_केजरी

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RT @ravindrarathod2: "Fight everyone in the way of Allah & kill those who disbelieve in Allah." - Prophet Muhammad #मानसिक_रोगी_केजरी #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal

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RT @Surjeet111: #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal I think he want another dose. After Delhi election he is not getting slap from anyone. Feel low tired so anyone can

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RT @TheDesiLord: #DoobKeMarJaKejriwal lol

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