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Watch the passion, zeal & talent among players of Tiranga Rumal Chhu League! Be ready to see them shine on #TRLDay4.
Trail run of Medicine Dispensing Machine ( Any Time Medicine ) in Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic
G🌺🌺d M🍅rning every1,Hat peeche.... is d right answer.Meanwhile,Catch some glimpses of yesterday ’s action #TRLDay3
Centres repersatative in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta threatened to dissolve assembly
@QAInfoTech ensure #Performance, Reliability of #apps with proven #softwaretesting solutions
The world's 10 largest economies: rise of China and India #WednesdayWisdom
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Asaram Bapu Ji ने देश की संस्कृति बचाने में अहम भूमिका निभाई है उसका पारितोषिक जेल है क्या? #आश्रम_TheMovie
Blindly, a Law has been attached with a completely Bogus Case on Asaram Bapu Ji #आश्रम_TheMovie
#आश्रम_TheMovie The arrest of Asaram Bapu Ji is a pre-planned conspiracy to malign a pious Saint.
A stunning move!! Well done players! Really a great spirit of team work among all. #TRLDay3 with full of enthusiasm.
आश्रम के कुछ भगोड़ों ने किया आश्रम को बदनाम तो इसमें आम जनता क्यों पिसे, जानिए सच्चाई #आश्रम_TheMovie
#TRLDay3  संघर्ष का मतलब हार नहीं है, हौंसले बुलंद रखो I मेहनत व गुरमंत्र का जाप कर सफलता का मजा चखो I
Thanks for 700k views & 28k likes! Im very proud of this video!
May this auspicious occasion fill your life with happiness, good health & success! A very Happy Janmashtami to all.
Police harassment of vendors had stopped in Del when Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) was wid us. Now ACB wid Modiji
Wishing everyone a very #HappyJanmashtami and request everyone to be careful and safe.
My upcoming #webinar should be useful for #elearning and #talentmanagement solution firms
Jam packed stadium! Excited audience! And players in high spirit! Spectacular performance in #TRLDay1
Dausa MP Harish Chandra Meena ji shared images of #TirangaYatra in his constituency.
Our very hardworking & admired Railways Minister @sureshpprabhu joined #TirangaYatra in Dandi in Gujarat.
Why it was relatively easy for @piersmorgan ancestors to colonise India for more than 200 years.Yet another reminder
Dear @piersmorgan you Cant beat our PM 😂😂😂
सांसद भैरों प्रसाद मिश्रा को बधाई देता हूं कि उन्होंने संसदीय क्षेत्र में अनेकों लोगों को तिरंगा यात्रा में जोड़ा।
And that is a wrap at #HCLAnalystMeet. Heres a quick recap of the event in pictures!
#यकीन_नही_होता Ans simple question and win INALSA Hand Blender. #contest #ContestAlert
Launched #SugamyaPustakalaya-online library for prsns with prnt disabilities. A stp towrds n accesble digital India.
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