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When you spot yourself on the big screen and you want the nation to think you've actually got a plan... 🤔
This Iceland clapping celebration is awesome, gave me goosebumps.🇮🇸
Harami bohot dekhein hai.. Lekin iske jaisa nahi. 😂😂
I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Steve McClaren for this beautiful moment on TV.
England vs. Iceland. #EURO2016 #ENGICE
Thibaut Courtois always gets an itchy chin during the #BEL national anthem 😂
“You can leave Europe! You can go wherever the hell you want!” Icelandic commentator after win. Voice of #Euro2016
England v Iceland summed up.
Vacillating Modi. (watch till end) #JumlaWithFranklyChamcha #PMSpeaksToArnab
@RoflGandhi_ स्वामी-जेटली युद्ध में मोदी जी की भूमिका।😁😂
Life of an IT employee.
Kane equalises with an incredible 40-yard screamer
Every England fan that disrespected Iceland, you should've listened to Evra
In today's world! 😱
Antonio Conte's reactions during the Italy v Spain match:
This is both brilliant and like some mass mind control thing from Doctor Who
You can cover your 1 days salary next month but you can't cover your life. Don't do this. #Mumbai
I don't know who this guy is but he's awesome
Beautiful celebration from the #ISL team...
@aliaa08 working out 💪👍👏
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What media wants you to see! When PM snubbing Swamy makes Front Pg Headline and MTCR is pushed to Pg 6 or Pg 13.
When you make dinner plans 
Pic 1 : with a boy 
Pic 2 : with a girl
Dear @aajtak @aroonpurie shame on you..this is journalism..a media handle reduced to a lowly troll? #ShameOnAajTak
Buy two get one begging bowl free. Sale at Zaras
.@SriSriAyurveda1 received the "Best Healthcare Brand" award from Hon. Union Health Minister of India, @JPNadda
NDTV came prepared to protect their microphone in case someone waters those plants mid-interview
Does the nation want to know what I frankly shared with Mr. Arnab Goswami? Find out 6 PM onwards on @timesnow.
That awkward moment when @sagarikaghose realised interview was to her own employer....and therefore deleted tweet 😶
Started the #GetHappy tour of the US with Sudarshan Kriya & Meditation in Washington DC & Boston.
@SpencerOwen Englands manager is paid $4.6 million a year. 
Icelands manager is a part-time dentist.
After Asharam Bapu ji, India has got a new Baba... Kejriwal Bapu ji..
This is just unbelievable!!! Please keep a look out for this man. He is a murderer and a fugitive. 
Glad to know from CEO Andrew Jassy that @awscloud is willing to parter with GoM in many ways.
Were looking forward!
Thank You @ToniKroos
Sending a present for you as well. All The Best for the quarters 😎 #FirstNeverFollows #Euro16
Why was Rustom accused of being a traitor? Know his story. #2DaysToRustomTrailer @Rustom_Film
Tweet with #ShameAajTak
we want @aajtak public apology and action on person, whoever tweeted this
#Angels 😻😻😻😻
Released ‘The Birds of Banni Grassland’, a book by scientists of Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology (GUIDE).
In 85-min Arnab iview PM @narendramodi spoke of China, Pak, GST but @timesofindia headlines this 30-sec remark
Yehhhh, Modi haar gya, Modi haar gya
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RT @SanjeevJhamb: @rahulkanwal @IndiaToday Dear Rahul, what about @aajtak?? Is it fake profile or real one. Do you have any shame left??

Pune, Maharashtra

RT @kailashwg: @Punitspeaks @BJP_ITCELL_Maha @malviyamit @aajtak @aroonpurie #blockaajtak trending in Mumbai


@aajtak plan to project AAP and @ArvindKejriwal in Goa #BlockAajtak


RT @renu_18: Seems @aajtak is only giving views of its masters !! Better #BlockAajTak if it can't deliver truth !!


RT @Punitspeaks: Presstitutes at work. @malviyamit @aajtak @aroonpurie #ShameOnAajTak


RT @manichejain: Dear @aajtak @aroonpurie shame on you..this is journalism..a media handle reduced to a lowly troll? #ShameOnAajTak


RT @rishibagree: .@aajtak is a Tarun tejpal of Media. Raping Journalism every day.#ShameAajTak


RT @SonamTillani: #ShameOnAajTak Definitely a Big Shame! The Way They are Trying to Pull Down Narendra Modi & Salman Khan @rahulkanwal @aajtak #PaidMedia

Pune, Maharashtra

RT @imAbhishek_J: This is the appropriate name for @aajtak. RT if agree. #BlockAajTak #ShameAajTak

Pune, Maharashtra

@aajtak @indiatoday grp Continuously Insults BJP leaders and thy call thmself Impartial MediaHouse #BoycottAajtak

Dear @aajtak @aroonpurie shame on you..this is journalism..a media handle reduced to a lowly troll? #ShameOnAajTak
Must Watch !! Shri @AmitShah Ji exposing @aajtak Mouthpiece of AAM AADMI PARTY #ShameAajTak @aroonpurie
Diyar @aajtak and @aroonpurie Seriously Hv u lost all yr Shame & Ethics. #yuck #ShameAajTak
#ShameAajTak @aroonpurie Insulting PM of India. Unacceptable. @aajtak should not be allowed to get away with it...
Utterly disgusting tweet from @aroonpurie and @koelscouch media group
#Shame on @IndiaToday group .. @aroonpurie
Dear @aajtak @aroonpurie shame on you..this is journalism..a media handle reduced to a lowly troll? #ShameOnAajTak




PPB is in d core team of AAP He campaigns fr AAP in Aajtak Which is not neutral & Lost all credibility #ShameAajTak
???????? RT @omvashist28: This is in India only ! A beautiful & clean Katra station !! Thanks @PMOIndia @sureshpprabhu
@PMOIndia @HMOIndia @FinMinIndia @RSSorg @bjpsamvad Favoring people wid multiple properties over 1stTime home buyers
@PMOIndia @HMOIndia @MEAIndia @SpokespersonMoD @CimGOI @FinMinIndia FDI ― A sellout to foreign powers?
@PMOIndia @HMOIndia @FinMinIndia @RSSorg @bjpsamvad Why govt so inclined on keeping #RealEstate prices high?