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The staff is so real for agreeing to do this RT @paigebrittany LMAOOO I can't stop laughing
He really did a front flip on a hover board 😳😳
- Vine by Ryan Pernofski
#VIEWS Available Now.
EXCLUSIVE After @raghav_chadha, now @AashishKhetan EXPOSES Narendra Modi's Degree cc @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia
Vine by SportsCenter - Kyle Lowry is focused.
I may not be going to the Formation tour... so I might as well dance like I'm ON IT! 😂💯💜
Any Pan Pizza. Any Size. Any Day. Which one are you going to have today? #PizzaHut199AnyDeal
An honest request to our honorable PM...#12thPassModi
Dude tryna fight for his girlfriend back! That scream at the end though! 😹😹
Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal asks "Why is CONG silent on Modi's Degree?, Why BJP not arresting Sonia?" @raghav_chadha
lil sum 😇: you was right x @LILUZIVERT
every girl with long nails knows this struggle
ready to rock // coming soon x
When being in Labor goes wrong
तूम कीससे बंधे हो ? बंधन कोई नहीं चाहता,क्योंकि तुम्हारा असली स्वरुप बंधन से परे है #Bapuji
"I need one dance with you at prom🏼"
Maulvi On TV Says Mhd Ghazni Who Invaded India 17Times,Looted Mass Wealth,Attacked Somnath Is Their Hero @TarekFatah
BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj, forces a woman to remove her pants in full public view, while she resisted. SHOCKING!!
We Can't Talk much about #TheNextJPerformance Watch The Full Video : & wait for the Anagram
Vine by ちょんで - 「えりるる まんなぬら しゃしゃしゃ!」
EXCLUSIVE AAP .@raghav_chadha Exposes Narendra Modi's Degree with Proof. @ArvindKejriwal @AashishKhetan RT Max
Like I won't eat dat pussy in da middle of dis mall
6 years ago today, Drake dropped 'Find Your Love' written and produced by Kanye West
Heavy rain lash with lightning in #Hyderabad @syedmohammedd @salilkader @hydcitypolice @amjedmbt
माननीय मोदी जी का सन्देश संसद में धरने पर बैठे भाजपा सांसदों के लिए....!!! #12thPassModi
This is the reason we support Dr. Swamy and #ScamQueenOnRoad
Weekend goals = Watching #Zorawar! #ZorawarRocksBoxOffice
.@Simhasth,उज्जैन में अब सबकुछ सामान्य है,स्नान पर्व में बड़ी संख्या में श्रद्धालु माँ शिप्रा में स्नान कर रहे हैं।
- Vine by Ryan Pernofski
परिर्कर जी ने AgustaWestlnd मे करप्शन की बहती गगां के मूल को जानने की बात कही तब सोनिया गाधीं का चेहरा देखने लायक था
#EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith A truth that reveals the Dark Side of #PaidMedia @RajivMessage
What are your thoughts on this @officeofssbadal, @Akali_Dal_ leader exposes @bsmajithia.
*walks into voting booth* ◽️ Donald Trump ◽️ Hillary Clinton
Beyoncé shows are so next level she even has the crowds hitting all types of notes
Every time Drake said "Yeah" on VIEWS 😂😂
Vine by Jordan Morris - JAY VERSACE as a marmot
Unveiling the secret behind Ashutosh's MODI MODI MODI MODI chant. .
I need a one dance.. RT @FunnyJulius: Y'all Reggae People Gotta Stop Calling Wrestling a Dance Move
샤샤샤 찍었읍니다...마지막 샤샤샤...
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Green S volunteers serving nature by planting trees. Keep up the good work! Blessings to all.
A Must Watch Video for Every Nationalist ! #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
Paid Media & his Blind Bhakts, Slashed down by #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
Aaj Tak aap dhoke main. Ek sach jo aap tak na paucha! Dekhiye #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
१ सच जो मीडिया ने कभी नहीं दिखाया था.खुद देखिये औरो को भी दिखाइए #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
#EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith A truth that reveals the Dark Side of PaidMedia
दूसरों की भलाई सोचने और करने में ही हमारी भलाई है-Asaram Bapu Ji #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
#EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith - Showing truth of Asaram Bapu Jis case
Amazing video!! I think its must watch for every Indian. #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
#MSGmissionHumanity spreading its aroma everywhere! Volunteers donating blood to save lives. Well done. Blessings!
Take few minutes to see how the media distorts facts for money. #EyeOpenerVideo_BlindFaith
#MSGmissionHumanity  Commendable work by volunteers!! Blood donation to serve mankind. GREAT!! Blessings to all.
#MSGmissionHumanity  Commendable work by volunteers!! Blood donation to serve mankind. GREAT!! Blessings to all.
#MSGmissionHumanity Superb zeal among all. Volunteers planting trees 2 protect the environment.Blessings to everyone
Lets cheer for Gagan Narang . #RioOlympics2016 #MakeIndiaProud
At Coimbatore airport met 12-year old Divyang boy Sabari Venkat. Was very happy to spend time with him.
To save India from the anti-democratic Modi Govt join Loktantra Bachao March, from 9 am today. #MarchForDemocracy
Since Cong ruled India for most part they are resp for mess. Pictorial depicting Congi role is apt! #DefenceCleanUp
Vizag or Durban ? Its Vizag guys..stunning view from my room 😍😍
At Jantar Mantar #MarchForDemocracy
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RT @1Patelzuber: According to the senior BJP leader, Modi has failed terribly and is pushing India into a pit for his self glorification. #NarcissistModi


RT @ErashKhan: Our PM want a one man show in governing #India Bound by the constitution, unable to act like a Gujarat CM. #NarcissistModi

Meerut,Uttar pradesh

RT @SalmanNizamii: How long can Modi run govt on fake propaganda &claim credit for work done by the UPA? India needs real growth & development #NarcissistModi

Chhattisgarh, India

Arun Shourie had criticized modi last year as well saying that #NarcissistModi is only managing media and fooling d nation

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Twitter :- Kya Chal Facebook aajkal ? Facebook :- Modi hi chal raja the hai.. Twitter :- Ohh yaha pe bhi Modi chal raha hai #NarcissistModi

Umbergaon, Gujarat

क्या यही है बीजेपी के विकास का फंडा जो अपने हक़ के लिए लड़ेगा उसको जेल में डाला जायेगा। #NarcissistModi

Gariyaband, Chattisgarh, India

RT @msgpahujaa: Modi treats people "like paper napkins" and was "remorseless", Arun Shourie alleged. #NarcissistModi

Meerut,Uttar pradesh

RT @vishal_mn: #NarcissistMODI चुनाव पूर्व जनता को बड़े बड़े सपने दिखाए PM बनते ही विदेशों में उड़ते नज़र आये। @IYC

Meerut,Uttar pradesh

RT @msgpahujaa: In next three years Arun Shourie expected "a more systematic attempt to curb civil liberties" by Modi #NarcissistModi

Meerut,Uttar pradesh

RT @AmolvKhodke: PM Modi running a one-man ‘Presidential government’: Arun Shourie via @sharethis #NarcissistModi

Meerut,Uttar pradesh












#MSGmissionHumanity spreading its aroma everywhere! Volunteers donating blood to save lives. Well done. Blessings!
@Gurmeetramrahim The aroma of #MSGmissionHumanity is spreading wonderfully !!