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WATCH: District Reserve Group Jawans celebrate in Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh) after #SurgicalStrike by Indian Army.
Listen to me on @RedFMIndia tomorrow at 8:00AM wid @rjraunac.Will talk about my upcoming movie:MSG The Warrior Lion Heart #8DaysToLionHeart
जैसे सत्याग्रह ने गुलामी से मुक्ति दिलाई, स्वच्छाग्रह गंदगी से मुक्ति दिलाएगा। #MyCleanIndia
narendramodi: Amazing to see how the young generation has embraced Swachha Bharat Mission & made it their own. #My…
Rafael Nadal stopped his match so distressed mother could find her missing toddler. What a guy 👏
RT If u remember this moment @msdhoni @itsSSR #MSDhoniTheUntoldStory
Today I am remembering this Video of Modi Ji. #ModiPunishesPak #SurgicalStrike
We're here getting excited over FIFA17 & these kids are happy that a bomb gives them somewhere to play.. perspective
This is the best thing I've seen all day😍
Finally Reply comes from Arnab Goswami for Intellectuals and his fellow Journalist 😂😜 #IndiaStrikesBack
Whose principal is this 😂😂💃🏾
Beauty and beast take your pick.
Watch this👇 @JaiNegijai u will be amazed after watching Rev.@Gurmeetramrahim's mimecry skills #8DaysToLionHeart 😍😍😘❤
#SurgicalStrike celebrations Video Courtesy ANI
Theater response - the love for @msdhoni has not decreased a bit in chennai ! #MSDhoniTheUntoldStory
And the beastly version.
" Dhoni finishes off in style " a massive scene to clap n shout....waiting!!!! MSD Striking Tomorrow
Misheard Lyrics - Office Tera , Bullshit Mera .. [ by everyone ]
Arnab getting ready for The Newshour tonight #SurgicalStrike
#SurgicalStrikes by the Indian Army affirms our resolve to defend our country against terrorism. #SaluteToTheArmy
Wait till tomorrow for the Mega Surprise 👍 #MEKWithMegaStar
WATCH: Salman Khan backs Pakistani actors, says ‘Pakistan actors are not terrorists. They come with valid visa’
Nawaz shareef condition after today's #SurgicalStrike
"Yeh Dharti Meri Ma Hai Sa'ab Jee" Salute to Indian Army's fight against terrorism #IndianArmy #ProudIndian
जब प्रधानमंत्री जी, एक प्रधानमंत्री के लायक काम करते हैं तो मैं भी उनका समर्थन करता हूं: राहुल गाँधी
Bruh..... Yall leave niggas out these type of pranks.
Kevin Hart really coming for these rappers NECKS!!!!
Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji poem about Pakistan. Hearing it again and again. Nostalgic. #SurgicalStrike W/ @Alllahdin @bhaiyyajispeaks
I was going through my videos at work crying today
new favorite .gif:
Has the @rydercup started already??🇪🇺🇺🇸
सदन PM को आस्वस्त करता है जो भी कदम भारत की Int/Extrnl सिक्योरिटी के लिए जब जब कदम उठाएंगे हम उनके साथ खड़े है- AK
Pakistanis panelist are trying to provoked Arnab Goswami on The NewsHour 😂 But "Arnab is Arnab" #IndiaStrikesBack
Obama tears Donald Trump in 40 seconds.
WATCH: Six implications of the surgical strike #IndiaStrikesBack
@Gurmeetramrahim @RedFMIndia @rjraunac @insan_honey #7DaysToLionHeart Excitement for lion heart
🅿🅱 🔺 Next Expected Polymer rate revision for 1st Oct'16. #PP , #PVC ,#HDPE ,#LLDPE #LDPE #PS #PET & #ABS…
@Gurmeetramrahim Pitaji I pray to Ur lotus feet U always happy n Good Health G😍😍d M😍rning #7DaysToLionHeart
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#7DaysToLionHeart छोटी-मोटी बीमारी या दर्द के लिए दवाई खाने की बजाए कुछ परहेज रखकर घरेलू नुस्खों से इलाज किया जा सक…
Fans in Block Buwan, Haryana conducting Road show for promotion of #7DaysToLionHeart! Enthusiasm on peak, all over!…
Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.
MSG डॉ रॉकस्टार का सबसे EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.. आज दोपहर 1.30 बजे सिर्फ इंडिया न्यूज पर..@Gurmeetramrahim @Inkhabar @thevivekmaurya
#अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar purposely create such news which works against national benefit & peace in society.
Asaram Bapu Ji पर झूठी अश्लील खबर छापने से #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar का असली चेहरा सामने आया!!
@DixitDiwakerdxt @CimGOI #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar Exposed!! Why Publish Global Survey on Sex, vulgarity?
क्या मीडिया के लिए कोई नियम नही हे जो जूठी खबरे दिखा कर लोगो को गुमराह कर रही है ?
#अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar देश का समाचार पत्र या तबाही करने वाला अश्लीलता का पत्र?
@JantaKeeAwaaz @TruthRoars @jyotigambhir1 ना शर्म ना लाज है,हर पेज पर झूठ का लिबास है #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
@Rupam_98 @MaheishGirri Request To GOI To CONTROL & CHECK the contents of #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar Magazine
मार-काट, हत्या, बालात्कार जैसी सनसनी खबरों से लोगों की मानसिकता ही वैसी कर दी है #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar ने
संतो और संस्कृति की अस्मिता को उछालने में कोई कसर नही छोड़ता देश का अख़बार
पब्लिसिटी की भिकमंगी के कारण दैनिक भास्कर, समाज में घोल रही अश्लीलता के रंग ! #अश्लील_अखबार_Dainik_Bhaskar
A Pakistani who is now an Indian. And an Indian who is a Pakistani with an Indian passport
this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me
#8DaysToLionHeart God bless u all
Statement by DGMO #IndianArmy on 29 Sep 16
Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.
Only #8DaysToLionHeart.
Meanwhile launching these new products from @MSGAllTrading. Available now!
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RT @TimesNow: This is not the time for us to be so-called ‘liberal minded’: Suhel Seth #PakArtistsBanned

Vadodra, Gujarat

#PakArtistsBanned shameful comment they are only nationalist for money they are money monster, look the anger on his face today

New Delhi, Delhi

Banning artists cannot be a solution, artists can be a good bond between d 2 states #pakartistsbanned

Hyderabad, India

RT @TimesNow: None of them condemned any attack by Pak on Indian soil, yet they continue to earn their bread and butter here: Suhel Seth #PakArtistsBanned

Mumbai, India

#PakArtistsBanned y not...their interest is only earn good money in India their allegiance still lies with Pak n its activities...@TimesNow

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

RT @TimesNow: None of them condemned any attack by Pak on Indian soil, yet they continue to earn their bread and butter here: Suhel Seth #PakArtistsBanned

Noida, Muzaffarnagar

Now @BeingSalmanKhan s father(@luvsalimkhan) will come for his rescue. He will tell that salman bacha and innocent hey. #PakArtistsBanned

Bengaluru, India

Khoob jamega rang, jab mil baithenge teen yaar...#IndianArmy , main aur #SurgicalStrike ... #PakArtistsBanned


#ShyamBenegal ji,Pak artist should have basic humanity.terror attcks on Pak soil is condemnd by the Ind artists. #pakArtistsbanned


@TimesNow #PakArtistsBanned seems there is addition to the #AwardWapasiBriged. These people are shame to #India.

Pune, India