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Twitter @MadridismoPVE's post on Vine - Ancelotti celebró como Cristiano #UUUHHH - Twitter @MadridismoPVE's post on Vine
Beyoncé - 7/11
ErikaPQ's post on Vine - The potato vine at last my ig is: ErikaPQ and my twitter is: hey_erika_ If ya want to see other snippets of this cutie 🌚 - ErikaPQ's post on Vine
Petter Veland's post on Vine - Can someone please make sure the camera man is ok?! Lovely Ipurúa and Eibar! #cmore - Petter Veland's post on Vine
fcbtitto's post on Vine - BECAUSE HE IS A LEGEND - fcbtitto's post on Vine
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#PICTURE: #Iran FM Zarif & DepFM Araghchi in Palais Coburg Balcony. Saturday afternoon. #IranTalksVienna
A picture is worth a thousand words. #IranTalksVienna
#IranTalksVienna starting to look more and more like scenes from "The Godfather".
#mufc XI: De Gea, Smalling, McNair, Blackett, Valencia, Carrick, Fellaini, Shaw, Di Maria, Rooney, van Persie.
Presidents #Obama and #Rouhani held back by domestic issues at home #IranTalksVienna #Iran
انا داخل تويتر قبل سنه ونص 
انا داخله قبل ثلاث سنين 

انا داخل التويتر اول ما نزلوه
Spoke with many counterparts today incl @HonJohnBaird, @MFATurkey #FMCavusoglu & @netanyahu abt #IranTalksVienna
#repost me & my baby :)
مذاكره هسته اي رو بيخيال! اين داستان رو كجاي دلمون بزاريم!! اين آقا همچنان داره نامه ميگيره!!
Trilat has started. What does it mean they sat together rather than at bargaining table? #irantalksvienna
#کری در فاصله بین مذاکره با وزیر خارجه آلمان و آغاز دیدار سه جانبه با ظریف و اشتون برای هواخوری به بیرون از هتل رفت
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