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Dallas was fun.
En 3 días solo 3 días bolas seré libre no más libertad condicional 💂🏻 jajaja como miklo!
"@Ashton5SOS: Thank you all the rockers in Dallas tonight, loved opening the show xx #KISSJingleBall xx"
THE BOYS ARE ON #MTVStars One Direction
this is me
El regalo para esta Navidad 😁🎄👏🏻 el juego de #acabatelo
#Deadpool gets cheeky for his international poster.
fckboyash_: RT 5SOS: GOIN UP #JingleBallDallas
so beautiful
eu nao sei o que falar sobre louis tomlinson, vou apenas sentir e sofrer #JingleBallDallas
Wake up Jose. Its all over.
US #5SOSFAM! Enter to win a signed @5SOS guitar here: 🎸🎸🎸🎸
Liam no aeroporto mais cedo #MTVStars One Direction
I feel such a connection with whoever is shouting
Yeah 😞
1D se tomó el 01/Dic en 106.1 Kiss FM Jingle Ball una selfie de recuerdo en Texas, Dallas #MTVStars One Direction
Según la Universidad de Oxford, si Cantinflas y Hitler se besaran, formarían el bigote perfecto

#MTVStars One Direction
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Got cozy christmas merch at Jingle ball ☃
Tonight @ShawnMendes performing on @1061KISSFMDFW Jingle Ball! Pretty big surprise too ????????
Video de Harry sacudiendo su trasero en AM, durante "and talking out of our asses" en el Jingle Ball en Dallas. #NN
Cute girls at jingle ball !!! #MTVStars One Direction


#vinb Finegael making wrong choices since 1933
20 years ago, a womans body washed up in Wexford and we still dont know who she is
Sixty years ago Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus and changed history


Anonymous have told Sam Pepper to take down his killing best friend video
RT for Louis dirty feet FAV for Sam Pepper
my friend told me i looked like sam pepper rt for me fave for sam pepper


it’s my besfrenz birthday today, happy birthday tyler for your bday I extended to at least 1 more year of friendship
When Tyler and Josh went to Disney World.
The case for bombing Syria is suddenly looking clear:


.... ????????
Wake up Jose. Its all over.
The Champion has Chosen: UFC title-holder and MMA icon Conor McGregor joins Team BSN. #FinishFirst @TheNotoriousMMA
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