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UN emergency session on Gaza: Hillel Neuer speaks out
Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site
تامر المسحال يرصد مشاهد مروعة لاشلاء الشهداء في الشوارع ببلدة خزاعة بـ #غزة
Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian
تغطية للكتاب لمتابعة اثار القصف الاسرائيلي لمدنية البريج
الطيبي لليميني المتطرف نيسيم زيئيف: سد نيعك وكل هوا، טיבי לנסים זאב: סתום את הפה כבר
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RT @emscolnik: El astronauta Alexander Gest @Astro_Alex tomó esta foto de #Gaza diciendo "La foto más triste que saqué"
Israel apartheid in action.
Niall  buscando fotos en su iphone a estas horas... hahhah
Crime: Hamas uses Gazan civilians to protect its weapons.
How about this lying mainstream corporate media full of liberals with fake on-line journalism degrees?
LOVE IT "@NiallOfficial #TMHT #guitar
Crime: Hamas uses Palestinian homes in Gaza for military purposes.
Some of you may think that because Im Israeli I may be bias. That Hamas cant be THAT bad. 
Well, dont listen to me. Listen to Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian and the son of Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef. 
Mr. Yousef was raised in Gaza and was groomed to be the leader of Hamas after his father. For years he worked covertly to undermine Hamass mission. Later he escaped, converted, and is now living in the US, speaking up against Hamas around the world with his book "Son on Hamas" and his documentary "The Green Prince". His CNN interview from today is brought to you here, verbatim. 
Yousef: "Hama does not care about the life of Palestinians, does not care about the life of Israelis or Americans. They dont care about their own life. They consider dying for their ideology a way of worship". Don Lemon: (re Israel) "Can you coexist with someone whos mission is your destruction?"
Yousef: "Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over. And by the way, Israel, the destruction of the state of Israel is not Hamas final destination. Hamas final destination is building the Islamic Khilafah, which means building an Islamic state on the rubbles of every other civilization. This is the ultimate cause of the movement". Don Lemon: "In your book you told us that Hamas targets civilians as a tool of war, tell us about the Hamas you know from growing up". Yousef: "In the mosques Hamas told us that without shedding innocent blood for the sake of the ideology we wont be able to build an Islamic state. They were preparing us from the age of as young as 5 years old. This was the ideology that Hamas was feeding us. And honestly, its impossible almost for anyone to break through and see the truth and the real face of Hamas and be able to leave at some point. I had to loose everything just to say no to Hamas". Thank you Mr. Mosab Hassan Yousef, for the bravery to stand for what is right. Thank you CNN and @donlemoncnn for having him on. 
Ive said it before and I will say it again. This is NOT about territory. Israel, the ONLY democracy in the Middle East -- WANTS PEACE. What does Hamas want? #stophamas
Me with my pet gibbon ❤️
Maccabi Haifa players were assaulted tonight by an anti-Israel mob during a "friendly" match against Lille. Sickening
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RT @IDFSpokesperson: Crime: Hamas uses Gazan civilians to protect its weapons.
RT @IDFSpokesperson: This is a loaded Grad rocket launcher we found in an agricultural school in Gaza.
RT @IDFSpokesperson: Found in a tunnel earlier today
RT @IDFSpokesperson: Crime: Hamas uses Palestinian homes in Gaza for military purposes.
RT @IDFSpokesperson: We have transferred over 860 truckloads of food, medicine & general supplies to Gaza during Operation Protective Edge
RT @IDFSpokesperson: Hamas has fired more than 2270 rockets at Israel since July 8. Thats more than 140 rockets a day for 16 days