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☼one direction land☼'s post on Vine - Vine by ☼one direction land☼ - This makes me so mAD HE WAS SPENDING tIME WITH FAMILY AND THAT BITCH HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THAT (not my video)
Vine by @NFLRT - Amari Cooper's footwork 😮
Vine by R.I.P alphaxalfa - Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill arguments
Vine by Jordan Tugrul - another one
Vine by MLS - Kaka double 'meg!! 🔥🔥🔥
Austin Miles Geter's post on Vine - - Vine by Austin Miles Geter
hotvidsyo's post on Vine - Vine by hotvidsyo - #schmoneyDance on the Maury show hahaha
-dylan o'brien edits-'s post on Vine - Vine by -dylan o'brien edits- - me when i hear the teen wolf intro (btw i found a turtle on my second story balcony and im trying to save him)
JOSHDATGUY's post on Vine - Vine by JOSHDATGUY - today i got time cuz 😂😂😂
me when teen wolf finally comes back - Vine by stefan edits - me when teen wolf finally comes back
me on june 29th - Vine by majestic mccall - me on june 29th
Vine by WWE - The #WWEUniverse at #RAW shows respect for Rowdy Roddy Piper! #ThankYouRoddy
Starting to get the hang of this #gopro. Riding with free #Dolphins at #Niyama. - Vine by Mach - Starting to get the hang of this #gopro. Riding with free #Dolphins at #Niyama.
Vine by Amazing Fifa Goals - Van Persie and his friends have no chill 😂 // Extended version on our Instagram @afgoals
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Im pleased to launch a brand new #drum #video for the track Rude by MAGIC! 
I have given the song a #Reggae flavor keeping musicality and groove but enhancing drum arrangement with some linear phrasing fills.

Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe!

Enjoy the #MusicVideoCollective video series here:

I play DW Drums Performance Series:
8x10" Rack Tom
12x14" Floor Tom
18x22" Bass Drum
14x6" Maple Vintage from the 90s Black Panther Snare
Pedal: Pearl Eliminator Daemon Drive

I Endorse:

Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Traditional Series and Alchemy Professionals Series

Vater Drumsticks

Gold Music Srl
RT ROMOLOROMANI: RT gfontanabona: Deve girare girare e girare. Qui #rottamalatutela #chititutela Non centra!

— G…
RT ROMOLOROMANI: RT notaiosoldani: RT EcAilime: #chititutela non vuole #rottamalatutela

— Giuseppe Levante (airdo…
Olaaa para você que está assistindo ou já assistiu o video e obrigada pelo simples ato de ter clicado no play ou no link para assistir!!!. Se você gostou deste video por favor de um ´´joinha´´ e se possível repasse para seus amigos assistirem também!, Ah! e  por favor não se esqueça de se inscrever no meu canal para mais videos e novidades. Se tiver alguma sugestão para melhorar o video ou alguma ideia que queira mandar fique a vontade e comente, obrigada!. ;)
VINCEVACIRCA matteorenzi #chititutela #rottamalatutela GiorgiaMeloni

— Vincenzo Vacirca (VINCEVACIRCA) July 19, 2…
“@Ashton5SOS: Do ya like the video 😎😍❤️!!? #SKHMUSICVIDEO”
RT ROMOLOROMANI: RT ROMOLOROMANI: #impiegatinotarili #rottamalatutela #chititutela wwwwwww i notai!!!

— Giuseppe …
RT ROMOLOROMANI: RT airdoctor80: 
Anche in USA hanno capito #chititutela Perché in Italia si #rottamalatutela ?
RT notaiosoldani: Per #chititutela oppure Contri chi #rottamalatutela

— Giovanni Fontanabona (gfontanabona) July …


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Heres the official video for our new single Shes Kinda Hot ! 
Download it on iTunes now if you like:
You can also listen to it on Spotify: :D
Music video by 5 Seconds of Summer performing ‘She’s Kinda Hot’. (C) 2015 Capitol Records Ltd.
iM S o wEAK
Oh my god... Look at bae
"@BTS_twt: 12시에 Fantastic 음원이 나와요. 저는 곧 비행기를 타야 해서 여러분보다 늦게 듣겠네요. 아무튼 즐겁게 작사 작곡 했습니다. 재밌게 들어주세여 안녕안녕"
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RT @yea_im_JAMAICAN: RT @JhTV3: ???? RT @_QuentEssential: Is this a reference track? @MeekMill
.@Drake isnt letting the @MeekMill diss go. Watch as the 6 God shows meems of the beef during "Back To Back" #OVOFest
Who made this about @MeekMill ? ????????????????
Thats it. *throws my phone* RT @BlackPplLaughs: Drake on that hood shit ever since @MeekMill ????????????????????????
Maybe when u remember that u claim North Philly, u can come back @MeekMill
@rickyrozay "damn @meekmill damn!!"
Young RT @MakinMoves_MAL: @MeekMill At the crib right now with Nicki ????????????????????????
Fam......are you seeing this ?? @MeekMill #OVOFest2015
The best part of the day ????????


Vine by R.I.P alphaxalfa - Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill arguments
????????????????RT @jamavelli: Nicki arriving to Meeks funeral right now.
"How Nicki would have sounded in Fancy" this is so accurate ????????????????
Young RT @MakinMoves_MAL: @MeekMill At the crib right now with Nicki ????????????????????????
They say this Meek ???????????????????????????????????????? he calling Nicki like