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Yo...a who cut this ya tin mackerel?
Meanwhile in Jamaica
It's official! #WelcomeJose
Being first is in his blood. Jose Mourinho: Welcome to @ManUtd. #FirstNeverFollows
There really is no love stronger than crackhead love.
Vine by Manchester United - #WelcomeJose
You know you're finally done when your stylists breaks out the Olive Oil Sheen Spray #blacksalonproblems
#blacksalonproblems when your phone die & you gotta decide between the Ebony mag from 2008 or the Jet mag from 1999
When bae beats his high score in Trump Hoverboard Sim 😍😏
I just want y'all to know that this is real life lol
#WisyncoFire our cameraman on location says the fire has spread @televisionjam
Wtf RT @WeAreEritreans: Do you think this Chinese commercial for detergent is racist? Anti blackness is global
When she asks you if you're ready to get your ends "trimmed" but leave the salon w/ a bob #blacksalonproblems
Vine by Wizzy Jr. - You know what.... 😫😒
Vine by The Cauldron - Cold Game At The Spelling Bee
RT @localzaid: Kid in the red shirt was being bullied by the kid in black shirt. He didn’t know the kid trains MMA.
When the whole squad beats their high score on SPIKY WHEEL 😂😂😂
Vine by GUCCiPOPTART - 💯
Stylist: Do you like it? Me: Yes, it's great! *goes home* #blacksalonproblems
Firefighters now battling large fire at Wisynco Group's head office in Lakes Pen, St. Catherine.
#blacksalonproblems Me: Just a Trim Stylist: But you need to cut all this off. This is damaged– Me:
When you been sitting under the dryer for 45 mins and she says "you not dry yet,30 more mins" #blacksalonproblems
When your stylist stops in the middle of doing your hair to eat food her baby daddy brought her #blacksalonproblems
#blacksalonproblems when they forgot to give you extra towels after they finished washing your hair
Beating level 15 in "Respeck On My Name" game got me like Selena Gomez😍😍😍❤️❤️
you tender headed? okay, I'll be gentle. #blacksalonproblems
Here it is, Bernie Sanders coming out to DMX's "where the hood at" in Lancaster, Ca. #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders
Kim & North on Snapchat 👻 kimkardashian
#blacksalonproblems when she keeps burning your scalp with the flat iron and you just gotta sit there and take it
The beautiful game. ⚽️⚪️
Cardi B got her teeth fixed! 😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾
Vine by David - Kendall and Kylie Jenner 😳😍😍
When you & your squad beat level 30 in Respeck on my Name😍😍😍😍😍
"How you feeling? Is it burning?" Me: #blacksalonproblems
When some creepy guy comes in and you get scared but it turns out all the stylists know him #blacksalonproblems
this nigga Kyrie got better vocals than PND RT @keytothecityy: this what the Cavs do on their off days, huh? 😂
For those who doubted it's really Gucci .. And he already back in the studio . Less than a hour out. #guccimane
Bruh 😦
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We are delighted to announce Jose Mourinho is our new manager! Full statement: #WelcomeJose
Jose.. Signed.. Sealed.. Delivered! #Mourinho announced @ManUtd manager!! My thoughts -
ATTENTION!!!! My little sister has been missing for over 48 hours!!! Her name is Nyekeira Iman Thomas.
Before and after she "clips" your ends.

#blacksalonproblems When a man walks into the salon and youre just sitting there like
White friends: "I love it when he runs his fingers through my hair at night until I fall asleep."
NOW HAPPENING:: Fire and huge plumes of smoke at WISYNCOs distribution center in Lakes Pen St. Catherine
Massive fire at WISYNCOs 200,000 sq ft distribution center in Lakes Pen
When youre getting your hair washed in the sink and your neck is about to give out #blacksalonproblems
PHOTOS: Wisynco warehouse on fire
Help us find Devano Smith, whos been missing since Tuesday, May 24. If you see him call the Police immediately.
This picture gets funnier every time I see it...dawg who came up with the spelling 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
شماغ بروجيه (الماسي) من #عجلان_واخوانه #شركه_عجلان_واخوانه   17we  4Y
The Marley family reuniting for GQ photoshoot... but aye shoutout to Bob Marley real quick bless his genes
Images from fire at Wisynco warehouse.
Wisynco bunup.
When you think you got one more braid left but she part that joint into like ten more sections  #blacksalonproblems
Read more quotes from Jose Mourinho on his arrival at #mufc, right here: #WelcomeJose
When youve been under the dryer for 2 hours and she says your hair is still not dry #blacksalonproblems
When my parents are paying for it Vs. when Im paying
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RT @vancole9: #WelcomeJose


RT @ManUtd: Jose is a Red! Watch his first interview in full here: #WelcomeJose


RT @ManUtd: Jose Mourinho speaks for the first time as #mufc manager... #WelcomeJose


I feel so happy that @ManUtd has appointed José as the new manager. #WelcomeJose


RT @ManUtd: Read live reaction to the big news from #mufc legends in our #UnitedToday blog: #WelcomeJose

ÜT: 18.0165805,-76.762467

RT @ManUtd: When Jose comes marching down the wing! #WelcomeJose

ÜT: 18.0165805,-76.762467

RT @ManUtd: When Jose comes marching down the wing! #WelcomeJose


RT @ManUtd: When Jose comes marching down the wing! #WelcomeJose

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

RT @ManUtd: We are delighted to announce Jose Mourinho is our new manager! Full statement: #WelcomeJose

Spanish Town, Jamaica

RT @ManUtd: Jose Mourinho speaks for the first time as #mufc manager... #WelcomeJose

Kingston, Jamaica




Wisynco director believes company will bounce back soon