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Texas weather gotta pick one mann
this happened while my Mom was at the gorilla exhibit. Her video. #cincinnatizoo #gorilla #harambe
OMG MY WIG FELL OFF IN THE SEA 😭😂 RT @ladyAKU_: A gorilla damn sure wouldn't have let its baby fall into a white persons pit
>игровая журналистика
COBIS party in full swing @COBIS_CEO @cobisastana2016
Атмосфера накаляется по мере приближения к церемонии закрытия и награждения игр COBIS! @COBIS_CEO @cobisastana2016
#كافر_يجحفل_العريفي اسمع استهتاره بآيات الله الملايكه من اعظم ايات الله مانزلت الا في بدر بشرى وتطمين للنبي فقط
Поздравили нашего Мишаню🎉🎊🎂
My mom after they pulled me out the gorilla enclosure "They killed a gorilla cause you wanna act a fool"
Let's check in on Jake Oorizzi and the Rays. Oh. That good, huh?
congratss!!! @madibushongxo
помните, на интервью фанатка задала вопрос "что бы вы прокричали, если бы оказались на вершине горы?" и 1d просто:
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han'ı büyük tarihçi Halil İnalcık'tan dinleyelim. #Fetih1453
Revenge is a dunk best served cold 🌨🌨
Relationship goals:
The Neighbourhood - "Sweater Weather"
More than a one trick pony
Why did my scary ass jump 💀😭
На вечеринке COBIS становится все интереснее. Астана зажигает! @cobisastana2016 @COBIS_CEO
oh my god 😂
in honor of The Proud Family Movie coming on this morning, lets take a flashback to the most lit scene
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My mom left me in charge of the cake for my graduation party
Gorilla died today at The Cincinnati Zoo today because of irresponsible parents
He just celebrated his 17th birthday
Пельменная в Астана молл)
아미밤점 합성해주세여
카~드로 만~든 지이~입 
잘 만들어쮸~ ? 
꾹쓰 춤춘다
얘도 아미밤좀 합성해주세여
Screw 7 for $27 VS, theres 8 for $1 corn at HEB!!!
상상도 못한 합성이다
좋은 밤 되세요 😜
wow this broke my heart
Prom 2K16 👬
Итоги 13 тура Премьер-лиги
who the hell threw their diploma 💀
Любимые капустки
Tbh I see no lies here 💔
✨ Makeup Giveaway! These are some of my favorite products..Good luck 😘
#LoveBTS фото ұрлап жатырым бір  #방탄소년단
As seen on the Upper East Side: a lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW
I asked my mama if me and my brother fell in a Gorilla pen what would she do. When I say I cant stand this woman 💀💀
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Через два часа ЕГЭ у двух знакомых и близких мне людей. Желаю им удачи! ДЕЛАЙ КРАСИВО

там где есть пицца

#LoveBTS бул китапка #방탄소년단


@thetomska @YouTube aw :) congrats!! this is one of the awesome news today :) happy birthday, #tomska channel! :D

Almaty, Kazakhstan

"I've been doing the same set list for like 2 years, I'm trash" - @fucktyler ??


RT @87AOMBOSS: @895CATWOMAN voce falando Jaebeom é uma gracinha


#LoveBTS батырлардын айтканы келеди #방탄소년단


RT @LifeAsRednecks: Truth!


Рианна на шопинге в Сохо.


RT @fucktyler: omg omg omg austin show was so fucking sick OMG THAT WAS INSANE YAAAASSSSSS GOT DAMN AND YALL HAVE THE BEST WHOLE FOODS OF EVER


@SackzAllDay ?