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When mom and dad agree #DemDebate
Some of the best memes from the #DemDebate are on Twitter, others have yet to come
Putting snapchat filters on peoples faces while watching the debate
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The Last Year perform new song Static Automatic at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD. This is an unreleased song, but you can pre-order the record or make a donation towards the new record:

Record Release Date: February 2015 

Tigran Andronikovich Markaryan / Calypso Digital /
Kate Bentley
Anna Bezrukov
Bob Justice
Ray Sutliff

Video Edited by The Last Year

Live Sound Mixed by Billy Andrews
Post-Audio Edited & Mixed by Scott Ensign

Twitter: @the_last_year
Facebook: thelastyearmusic
Instagram: @thelastyear
Meet the contenders: @BernieSanders #DemDebate #CNNdebate #DebateWithBernie
skdkejndnsnkajb RT @JeyTheVillain RT @MonicaLewinsky hey big head RT @billclinton: Democratic Debate & Chill
Vous mavez perdu 😭😭😭
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Cubs win! #LetsGo to the #NLCS! Final: #Cubs 6, #STLCards 4. #FlyTheW






Cubs win! #LetsGo to the #NLCS! Final: #Cubs 6, #STLCards 4. #FlyTheW