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#orangehousedrama juu juu mpaka Nje jipe shunguli magerel hii ODM si ya mamako... http://t.co/MxEPSY59x2

ukunda,and Mombasa kenya.

Beware Kambas and Luhyas in ODM, you saw what happened to @MagererLangat today. If you're not an 'O', ur a mole. http://t.co/uoFKo0fYhk


RT @Raychumba: Men in Black SEASON 2 #OrangeHouseDrama ODM http://t.co/rCBJFLGgL1

ukunda,and Mombasa kenya.

WARNING: Replacing political Methuselahs in the ODM Nyanza Caliphate is unspoken of by members. Herod is set to... http://t.co/mvmzdQ0q33

Mombasa, Kenya

Good question. Notice the irony? That it's "Democratic" "@dnahinga: Why can't ODM let folks dissent?"

Mombasa, Kenya

After ejecting him from ODM, they ejected the air from the tyres of his car. http://t.co/36rVFS9ZID

Mombasa, Kenya

Margarel should not have said this at this time ODM is pushing for a ref'dum @KTNkenya #Orangehousedrama


#OpinionCourt that act of odm mcas to magarerLangat isn't uncalled rude lack of wisdom shame to him and his family

mombasa kenya

"@EnockOgutu: @MagererLangat_ What's happening at ODM hqs? cc @yusufumatiko @EliudOwalo @RailaOdinga" Tunaondoa magugu


The wiper / ODM marriage should end given the damage and violence unleashed on the Machakos Kamba community by Gor Mahia after their defeat.