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Cab guy: Heh heee, mkubwa, hii maneno ya Jubilee na CORD unaonaje? Me:
Vine by Manchester United - Happy 50th birthday to Eric Cantona! #mufc
Ella Makes me so happy. She keeps falling even when there's nothing in her way. #NairobiDiaries
06:06 VIDEO: Two houses razed down at Kirichwa Heights kirichwa Rd kilimani. via @TRENDINGKENYA
Vine by @StoolMilmore - Barstool Sports - That's all, folks
@RobertAlai here is that video of the CID car
Woman gets revenge on her cheating ex by sending him Game of Thrones spoilers every week
"Manchester United plan to keep Van Gaal next season." - @GuillemBalague
20:45 kilimani, Kerichwa heights apartments opposite nairobi women on fire. No fire brigade via @kenyanspider
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Vine by Chelsea FC - Champions!!!!!
Vine by Follow @FootyHumour on Twitter - Jose Mourinho when Juan Mata walks into the changing rooms..
China unveils elevated bus that can drive over the TOP of other cars
@rida_yvonne Be like Frenemies #NairobiDiaries @PendoStaicey @nairobidiaries
Obama savage for this 🔥🔥🔥
Vine by xM20x - Mysterious Pardew
#NairobiDiaries this Michelle lady is crazy, did i even get ur name correct. U look like the kakamega nekesa bond.
#nairobidiaries tonight on @K24Tv at 22:00
Former #LFC favourite, Peter Crouch visibly disconsolate after not being called up by Roy Hodgson.
Vine by Manchester United - A classic strike from the birthday boy, Eric Cantona! #mufc
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@MMarrisah watch #BambaMbaya by @keleletakatifu here 👉 enjoy and share. Bless 👊
Couldnt sleep, so I tried doing a little bit of prostitution on Facebook.
Pictures the media never shows you.
Manchester United has issued a statement:
Images we are sending to the world. Kenya can do better than this. It is time to pause, think & reason together
Louis van Gaal has issued a statement:
A day when Kenya government will buy school bus for the children of Olympic Primary in Kibera instead of this weapon
Meet Cheryl Kitonga, The Lady Who Was With Jacob Juma A Few Hours Before His Murder…
Kindly SMS Groove 8D & 4F to 811 in support of @P31Kenya Thanks in advance #VoteP31ForGroove
Chief propagandist for Jubilee government @oleitumbi came with many files to bury the truth!You cant kill the truth
Hata mimi nataka kukula tear gas
Held a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Istanbul, Turkey.
The International Community should assist Somalia in its electoral process that culminates in elections in August.
Can you beat that for 100000ksh.... Its easy upload your video under the hashtag #MyVibeDanceCompetition and ask guys to view and like it the video with the most views in 2 weeks time walks away with 50000 ksh 2nd 30000 3rd 20000
@Regrann from @movazdance254 -  How many likes for our new choreography,song #MyVibe by @sucksybeat ft @khaligraph_jones @cynthiamorganlive #myvibedancecompetition #danceon #newdance #dance #lovedance #madeinKenya #254 #myvibe #gainwithxtiandela #gainwithplatinumkenya #gainpost #gainwithawesomemkenya @movazdance254 @movazdance254 #Regrann 
#gainwithplatinumkenya #gainwithxtiandela 
Cc @platinumkenya @bashkathemodel @sucksybeat @khaligraph_jones @musicacrossborders @official_biggmike @vintino_blacklion
If the Somalia election process is handled haphazardly and fails it will lead into more refugees.
CID Land Cruiser KBZ 547Y was shooting live bullets in Kisumu. #IEBCProtests #CORDDemos #IEBCMustGo
Conclusion of the matter....
When you learn that your gal friend had a sponsor on National Tv #JichoPevu
Bro the photographer kept 18 cameras and waited 62 days to get this. See once, then turn your phone upside down.
President Uhuru jetted out to Zambia. His deputy is in Turkey.. Acha kuzubaa Baba @RailaOdinga ..Toa hio comma!
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Cheryl Kitonga “Sikuenda hapo ju sikutaka watu wajue hii life.” which life is she talking of!!!

Nairobi, Kenya

Cheryl Kitonga was dropped in trattoria area @1950hrs,arrived home in Buru @20.20hrs.only CIA can be this accurate on time, not a common gal

nairobi kenya

Forget Cheryl Kitonga; we'll give you a strategy to keep your online community talking

Nairobi, Kenya

Cheryl Kitonga. Ndegwa Muhoro. New vocabulary in Town

nairobi kenya

RT @iNaheemMUFC: Cheryl akidate Maskini vs Cheryl akidate Billionaire

Nairobi, Kenya

RT @L0VEKID: And bloggers didn't disappoint on Cheryl Kitonga LOL CC: @254_curtis @thejokker7


RT @michael_muraya: Cheryl Kitonga's story is proof that Kenyans are by default, natural cyber bullies. The heat on her Facebook account before she deleted..wah

Nairobi, Kenya

RT @Bawse17: Take a moment; Cheryl Kitonga ws probably still in her diapers wen Jacob Juma ws breaking into the millionaires club

Nairobi, Kenya

In kenya watu ni kukuwa famous after kupigwa mti tu, first ilikuwa @VeraSidika @HUDDAHMONROE then Boniface Manono sasa cheki Cheryl Kitonga

Nairobi, Kenya

RT @DavidOsiany: The moment focus shifts to Cheryl Kitonga as opposed to the tough questions @MohaJichoPevu asked Ndegwa, then we have a societal problem.